Taliban kills 22 Afghan commandos after they try to surrender: Report 

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Dawlat Abad, Afghanistan  Updated: Jul 13, 2021, 06:25 PM IST

Taliban terrorists (file photo). Photograph:(ANI)

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On June 16, Taliban fighters have executed 22 Afghan commandos after they surrendered on running out of ammunition. As per a CNN report, several videos have come up of the incident. The killings were carried out in Dawlat Abad town, Faryab province

According to a CNN report, Taliban fighters have executed 22 Afghan commandos. Several videos have come up, apparently of the incident. 

In a clear but unsteady video, several commandos of Afghan Special Forces unit can be seen asked to surrender before they are shot to death amid cries of 'Allahu Akbar'. 

The killings were carried out on June 16 in Dawlat Abad town, Faryab province, which is close to Afghanistan's border with Turkmenistan. The CNN report said it has obtained and verified several videos of the incident and has also spoken with witnesses. 

The Red Cross has also confirmed that the bodies of 22 commandos were retrieved. 

The commandos were forced to surrender when they ran out of ammunition after being surrounded by the Taliban fighters in a fierce battle to hold the town, witnesses said. 

Meanwhile, Taliban attacks on security outposts in Gazni city were repelled by Afghan security forces on Sunday, TOLOnews reported, citing a police official. 

The Taliban attacked security outposts in PD3, PD6, PD1 and PD5 in the early hours of Sunday morning, the provincial police statement said, adding "the Taliban faced a response from the joint security forces, and their attacks were pushed back." 

Provincial police chief Fazel Ahmad assured people that security sources will defend the city.  

"The Taliban escaped from the areas after the arrival of the reinforcements. Several Taliban were killed and wounded in the clashes," he said. 

There was no mention in the statement about possible casualties among the security forces, said TOLOnews. 

General Shir Mohammad Andewal, a military commander in Ghazni, pledged that the security forces will "bravely" defend the city. The Taliban has not yet commented on the attacks. 

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