Pakistan's anti-terror wing summons activist Gul Bukhari

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Feb 12, 2020, 02:23 PM IST

File photo: Gul Bukhari Photograph:(AFP)

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Bukhari has been accused of harbouring an anti-Pakistan agenda, of being a part of a cyber-terrorism ring and being associated with the Haqqani network and the Balochistan Liberation army.

London-based Pakistan activist Gul Bukhari has been threatened with terror charges. Bukhari has been accused of harbouring anti-Pakistan agenda, being a part of a cyber-terrorism ring and being associated with the Haqqani network and the Balochistan Liberation army.

The anti-terrorism wing of Pakistan's federal investigation agency has summoned Bukhari over her anti-Pakistan comments.

She can be extradited via a court order and her property can also be confiscated by the government if she does not respond to the summon in 30 days.

Gul Bukhari is one of the most prominent Pakistani activists and a strong critic of the Pakistan army. She has consistently questioned the extra-constitutional influence that the army has had over the civilian government in Pakistan.

In 2018, she was abducted by an unidentified group of people but was released a few hours later.

Subsequently, she moved to Britain since then, she has carried on with her activism from London. She was a Pakistan-based journalist earlier. Twitter has been buzzing with support for her ever since the news broke.

Pakistani citizens say the whole case is a conspiracy, a rap on the knuckles for her criticism of Imran Khan's government and the Pakistani army. Many of them have also questioned the government's priorities.

This move comes in the backdrop of a major security lapse in Pakistan. Security forces recently admitted that a high profile Pakistani Taliban terrorist managed to escape from their custody.

Netizens are asking Imran Khan whether he is more interested in curbing dissent than securing his country against known terrorists.