India introduces 'no-fly list' to tackle unruly flyers

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 05, 2017, 07:12 AM IST

India's civil aviation ministry has unveiled three levels of offences, which range from disruptive behaviour to damaging the aircraft. Photograph:(Zee News Network)

India has laid down fresh rules to tackle unruly passengers on either a flight or at the airport.

India's civil aviation ministry has three levels of offences, which include suspension for two months to two years or more.

If a flyer is put on the "no-fly list", that person will not even be allowed to book a plane ticket.

Civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said the rules will be implemented from June after receiving public feedback.

Level 1 offence: A flyer will be suspended for two months for "disruptive behaviour" such as physical gesture.

Level 2 offence: A passenger will be prohibited from flying for six months if found guilty of "physically abusive behaviour" like pushing, kicking and sexual harassment.

Level 3 offence: A person will be barred for two years or more if found guilty of murderous assault.

Civil aviation secretary RN Choubey said: "The punishment of suspension for unruly behaviour applies to domestic carriers. If international carriers want this input, they can use it." 

The fresh rules come weeks after an Indian politician Ravindra Gaikwad had assaulted an Air India manager.

On March 23, Gaikwad, member of right-wing Shiv Sena, had self-admittedly slapped and beaten a 62-year-old Air India manager after his request to fly business class was turned down.