FATF needs to blacklist Pakistan. At any cost

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Sep 14, 2020, 11.56 PM(IST) Edited By: Gravitas desk

Terrorists Photograph:( Reuters )

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Pakistan is home to nearly 40,000 terrorists -- 16 of whom are blacklisted by the United Nations.

There is only one country that has been responsible for risking global peace -- Pakistan.

India's neighbour is home to nearly 40,000 terrorists -- 16 of whom are blacklisted by the United Nations.

And none of this is a secret.

But acknowledging this nexus between pakistan and terror is not enough.

What the world now needs is the FATF to blacklist Pakistan.

That's because Islamabad needs to be held accountable for harbouring, financing and assisting terror activities.

By simple definition, FATF stands for "reviewing money laundering and terrorist financing techniques and continuously strengthening its standards to address new risks, such as the regulation of virtual assets, which have spread as cryptocurrencies gain popularity."

The FATF monitors countries to ensure they implement the FATF standards fully and effectively, and holds countries to account that do not comply.

The FATF put Islamabad under the grey list in June 2018, and gave it two years and three extensions to deliver on 27 counts.

But Pakistan failed the FATF.

In 2019, the FATF told Pakistan to "demonstrate the effective implementation of the sanctions against UN-designated terrorists."

But Islamabad insulted FATF with its complicity. The prime example is Hafiz Saeed is roaming freely in Pakistan. He is undeterred by the FATF or the United Nations.

Pakistan is guilty of sponsoring terror, and the FATF needs to blacklist the country.

The FATF also has got to convince China, Malaysia and Turkey to wake up to the reality, keep their selfish interests aside, behave responsibly for once -- and punish Pakistan.

The FATF statement on February 21, 2020 read: "The FATF strongly urges Pakistan to swiftly complete its full action plan by June 2020, otherwise the FATF will take an action."

Islamabad has tossed the action plan out of the window. And now it is the FATF's turn to take action.

All we say, the FATF should set an example and blacklist Pakistan.