Bizarre! Pakistan's press continues to embarrass Islamabad

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: Jun 11, 2020, 07:14 AM IST

File photo: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Kashmir was shown as a legitimate part of India on national TV in Pakistan.

The press in Pakistan has a habit of embarrassing the government. This time it has embarrassed Islamabad by depicting the reality.

PTV, Pakistan's state broadcaster aired a map with Kashmir rightfully portrayed as a part of India. 

Kashmir was shown as a legitimate part of India on national TV in Pakistan.

The news channel was broadcasting a story about Pakistan's population. It didn't pay attention to the geographical details. What's worse, this happened on a children's show.

The news channel has apologised. It says it has zero-tolerance for such negligence and has promised strict action. 

But the Pakistan government is mighty upset. Chaudhary Fawad Hussain, the minister of science and technology, couldn't stop himself from venting his frustration at the channel's owners.

 He Tweeted: "Shameful .. Arshad Khan is heading PTV since decades, it seems he forgot he is the chairman and de-facto managing director of PTV and not Doordarshan. I expect Shibli Faraz the information and broadcasting minister to take all measures to teach them what Kashmir is to Pakistan."

This is not the first time that PTA has embarrassed the Pakistan government. The biggest problem in the world is money laundering --- said the Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan.

What's the biggest problem in Pakistan?
As of last night, it was an incursion by the Indian Air Force as what People in Pakistan said. 

Panic gripped Pakistan last night after rumours spread that Indian Air Force fighter jets had crossed the Line of Control. There were rumours of a breakout-style raid in the city of Karachi.

Some said that the authorities had put Karachi under blackout after IAF fighter jets were spotted near the city.

But the jets were from Pakistan Air Force. These people mistook their aircraft as India's.

The Indian air force has categorically denied any such mischievous activity.

But that's not the end of this Pakistan story. It gets more bizarre. A donkey has been arrested in Pakistan for gambling. This happened in Raheem Yaar Khan, a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

A donkey along with eight humans was arrested because its name was included in the FIR. It has been charged with participating in gambling.