Rock collected 220 years ago turns out to be an entirely new mineral

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New Delhi Updated: Dec 24, 2020, 12:09 PM(IST)

The mineral has been named Kernowite (Image: Natural History Museum) Photograph:( Others )

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There is no way to go back and collect more rock samples from the particular mine

Ever wondered during Chemistry class why there were almost no new elements discovered than those already in the periodic table? Well, it may have led you to believe that humans have found everything there is about nature. But just when we become comfortable in such a thought, nature spins out a surprise and we realise we are yet to grasp the full wonder.

A sample of rock was collected from a mine in Cornwall, England some 220 years ago. It was catalogued as something else and kept in London's Natural History Museum since 1964. But now it has been found that sample contained an entirely new species of minerals.

The new mineral has been named Kernowite, after the Cornish language word Kernow which means a county. The mineral was found by a team at Natural History Museum.

The county of Kernow is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. But a mine was active in St Day village in the county between 1790 and 1909.

The mine has now been demolished and there is a housing complex at the location.

This means that there is no way to go back and collect more rock samples. 

Given all this, it amazes us to think that new minerals are still being discovered in year 2020 and nature has many secrets still to be discovered.

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