NASA's Curiosity Rover clicks rare shiny clouds on Mars

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New DelhiUpdated: May 31, 2021, 04:44 PM IST
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(Image: @MarsCuriosity) The photo clicked by Curiosity Rover on Mars  Photograph:(Twitter)

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Not only cloud formation on Mars is rare but the clouds clicked by Curiosity Rover also need special conditions to form

Clouds are an everyday matter here on Earth. There are times we glance at the sky and imagine all sorts of shapes in those ever-changing patterns of vapour. But most of the time we are too busy in our daily lives to even take a second to look up and marvel the beauty of the sky.

We don't realise how lucky we are because our planet has clouds. 

But now NASA's Curiosity rover has captured some brilliant images and videos of clouds in the Martian sky!

Mars has an atmosphere yes. But it is too thin and dry to enable cloud formation on regular basis. And that's why formation of clouds in Martian atmosphere is a rare thing itself.

"Sometimes you just need to stop and watch the clouds roll by... on Mars. Cloudy days are rare here because the atmosphere is so thin and dry, but I've been keeping my cameras peeled and wanted to share some recent pictures with you," tweeted the rover's official Twitter handle, thus starting an incredible thread. Check this out


Thousands of likes on the post is enough to say that people have found the images and videos in the thread above absolutely mesmerising!

There are many many comments and Curiosity Rover's handle took time to answer some of the questions and reply to some of the comments.

"Sometimes I forget there's a little robot rolling around alone on Mars," tweeted a user.

The rover said, "I'm alone here in Gale Crater, but I'm not lonely. I get to talk to all my friends and teammates back on Earth through the Deep Space Network..."

Mars has long captivated human imagination. Across millennia, the red planet has gone from being a mythical God of War to a probable place to find life.

And from what Curiosity rover has captured, the planet still has some secrets up its sleeve.