Jupiter collides with a space rock, collision causes flash in its atmosphere

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New DelhiUpdated: Oct 23, 2021, 05:27 PM IST

Planet Jupiter Photograph:(AFP)

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Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system often collides with asteroids, even comets. It may well be the reason why we humans are alive on the planet Earth

Some readers may remember the time when a legit comet collided with planet Jupiter. The exceptional event that took place in the year 1992 was huge news worldwide as it was first such event taking place inside solar system when human technology was developed enough to observe it in detail. As the comet approached Jupiter, it broke apart and created several bright flashes that were observed by telescopes on Earth and in space.

A similar event has grabbed headlines now. This time the object that hit Jupiter may not be as spectacular as a comet but has generated interest in scientific community nonetheless.

On October 15, a flash in Jupiter's atmosphere attracted attention of skywatchers in Japan. A Twitter user who photographed the event told news websites that the flash appeared to last long.

The flash was also observed by team of astronomers at Japan's Kyoto University. A space rock had collided with the gas giant.

According to Sky & Telescope, the space rock hit Jupiter's northern hemisphere.

Space rocks, asteroids and even comets are attracted to Jupiter due to the planet's enormous gravity. The biggest planet in our solar system has a monstrous pull on objects venturing too close to it. The planet is jokingly called a 'vacuum cleaner' of the solar system but in all seriousness, Jupiter may have been the reason we are alive today because of it eating up a rogue asteroid heading our way in all these years.