Ex-NASA scientist's Earth-saving idea involves stealing energy from Jupiter

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New DelhiUpdated: Aug 25, 2021, 05:45 PM IST

Planet Jupiter Photograph:(AFP)

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This is not this ex-NASA scientist's first literally out-of-the-world idea

Sun is a source that sustains all life on Earth. But there will come a time when the Sun will begin to run out of the fuel a billion years from now. At this time, Sun will expand in size and literally burn our planet. There will be no escape.

But an ex-NASA scientist has come up with a whacky theory that is being talked about in amused tones.

The scientist wants to expand the radius of Earth's rotational path around the Sun. And he suggests making use of asteroids and 'stealing' energy from Jupiter!

David Holz, Ph.D. says that if his suggestions are actually implemented, Earth may remain habitable for 5 billion years more! This to become reality would need considerable technological advancement

Holz has explained his idea in his new academic paper and the paper has been published by NASA, University of California, and University of Michigan professors

The title of the paper is “Astronomical engineering: a strategy for modifying planetary orbits".

He has also made a tweet about his idea.

"Earth burns in a billion years when the sun expands. UNLESS we steal energy from Jupiter to gradually expand Earth's orbit! We can *actually* do this by diverting a large asteroid (0.01% the size of the moon) to pass between Earth and Jupiter every 6000(!) years." he says in his tweet


This is not Holz's first ambitious suggestion to solve a global problem. In February 2020, he proposed floating nation-sized solar panels high in air so that sun rays will be blocked and Earth's temperature can be adjusted manually.