Dinosaur-killing asteroid struck Earth in springtime, say scientists

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New Delhi Updated: Feb 24, 2022, 07:59 PM(IST)

Representative image of a near-Earth asteroid Photograph:( Twitter )

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The timing of the asteroid strike mattered for recovery of species in both hemispheres

Spring is popularly taken to be a pleasant time in colder countries at higher latitudes. The period provides relief from the freezing, long nights and days are just fine.

Dinosaurs would be the last animals to love the season of joy as the deadly asteroid that struck the Earth wiping out more than 75 per cent of life on the planet. The powerful, fearful beasts who ruled almost every food chain on the planet saw their hold vanish in one-stroke.

We know that an asteroid hit the Earth. We know that it caused major mayhem. But a group of scientists has answered 'when' did the killer asteroid strike. In which season of the year, to be precise.

The scientists say that the killer asteroid struck the Earth when it was springtime in Northern Hemisphere. In Southern Hemisphere, it was fall (or autumn).

The timing of the asteroid strike mattered for recovery of species in both hemispheres. Although life in both hemispheres was nearly wiped out, animals in Northern Hemisphere were especially affected. This was because springtime is usually season of mating and reproduction for many species. The amount of food that is consumed is more than during other seasons of the year.

Asteroid strike and subsequent imapct on global climate resulting into food shortage hit these animals hard.

This was evident as life in the Southern Hemisphere recovered faster than that in Northern Hemisphere after the impact.

The study has been published in journal Nature.

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