WION Edit: Is Xi Jinping facing rebellion from within?

WION Delhi Nov 25, 2019, 08.49 PM(IST)

File photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping Photograph:( ANI )

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Protesters are not giving up in Hong Kong and Xinjiang is a ticking time bomb. China's economy is unravelling under the pressure of the trade war.

From the systematic purge of dissenters within the communist party to targetting students in Hong Kong to the sickening reality of millions of Uighurs in detention camps in Xinjiang province, Xi Jinping's China is veering towards dangerous majoritarianism and dictatorship.

On WION Edit, we will look at whether the Chinese president can survive the current political crisis.

The story of Uighur Muslims is revealing - this is the largest mass incarceration of an ethnic minority since the second world war. And so far, Xi Jinping's administration is getting away with it.

But the leaks, first in the New York Times and now by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICJ) reveal that all is not well within the Communist Party of China.

Yes, there is no open opposition to Xi Jinping but the cracks are widening.

Xi Jinping's stance to 'show no mercy' and 'allow no escapes' show hints of a leader who will do anything to prevent dissent. Also targetting partymen who oppose this 'dictatorial' and 'genocidal' mindset may have simmered dissent within the party.

The case of Hong Kong is much worse. The city-state has seen protests since the chief executive Carrie Lam brought the extradition bill.

The protests have grown in size and intent since then and now, the victory of pro-democracy candidates in local elections show that Hong Kongers will not sit idle and watch Xi Jinping's-dictatorship unfold.

Besides, the representatives are asking for democratic rights, something which will not sit pretty with the communist dictatorship in China.

Beijing can keep blaming the western world but the reality is this - the people of Hong Kong are fed up of authoritarianism. And police brutality will not save the day for Xi Jinping, it will only galvanise protests as the last six months have shown. 

Look at it  Xi Jinping has tried every trick at his disposal. Apps to teach the Xi Jinping thought have been forced on over 100 million people of China and Hong Kong. There is 'thought control' in the campuses of China's universities. 

China's media has been forced to work under one maxim - 'love the party, protect the party'. Yet, one leak after another keeps emerging and that shows the rise in dissent. 

For years, Xi Jinping has systematically promoted himself, but that image is getting eroded by the minute.

So can Xi survive this? The Chinese state has the military might, brutality and mind-numbing aggression to target its own people - if needed. This is a regime that will do anything to protect itself.

But, also bear in mind that the protesters are not giving up in Hong Kong and Xinjiang is a ticking time bomb. China's economy which served as a hedge against social unrest is unravelling under the pressure of the trade war. This is perhaps the biggest test to Xi Jinping's leadership.

International pressure is mounting too. There are 21 Australians, 5 of them - children - who have been detained in Xinjiang.

The global community has been tepid on the opposition to china's brutality so far, but that's changing too.

At some point in time, Xi Jinping's administration must come with a justification for what is doing in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

At present, it seems as if Xi Jinping's situation is secure, but if the dissent grows in the party further, that may become untenable.

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