WION Edit: Inside China's human trafficking problem

DelhiUpdated: Dec 06, 2019, 05:38 PM IST

A Chinese paramilatary police patrol passes a Muslim ethnic Uighur woman and a child on a street in Urumqi, capital of China's Xinjiang region. Photograph:(AFP)

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Not only Pakistan, but bride trafficking from northern Myanmar to china has also risen.

It's not just Pakistani girls who are trafficked to China, but Beijing is fast gaining notoriety as the trafficking capital of the world.

On WION edit, we will dig deep into china's trafficking problem. At the heart of this brutal human rights violation is China's one-child policy for 35 years, Chinese couples were allowed to have only one child.

The rule was relaxed in 2015, but the repercussions continue. There are 34 million more men in china than women.

This is because of an overwhelming preference for boys due to the one-child policy. Like trafficking, abortions of female foetuses, as well as cases of female infanticide, have also risen.

The restriction on women's reproductive rights continues because the communist state maintains its own 'right' to restrict family size.

This is a draconian demographic control that has turned into a human rights disaster. The case of missing girls of China has forced trafficking of girls to China.

Not only Pakistan, but bride trafficking from northern Myanmar to china has also risen. Many of these women belong to ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

Women facing harassment at home are lured by promises of employment in China. Once they reach China, they are sold for anywhere between $3000-$3,000.

These women are put in jails and then sold to produce babies as quickly as possible. Trafficked, turned into sex slaves and then child-bearing machines.

If you wonder why such a large-scale problem has never caused a public furore, here is the answer:

Violence against women is not a priority for most of these governments.

And they cannot take on China as they depend on Beijing and they won't risk the relationship for women.

Earlier this year, China's police said that it has rescued over a thousand South-East Asian female trafficking victims and arrested as many suspects.

But there are no follow-up reports on the statement. Women and children are trafficked for prostitution and men from these countries are trafficked for forced labour.

These people are threatened to work for long hours in agriculture, logging, construction, mining and garment industries, often without any breaks.

There are no laws to stop such crimes against humanity. Two years ago, the US state department placed China in tier-3 on a trafficking list.

China is the trafficking hub of the world. it ratified the u-n trafficking prohibition protocol in 2009, but china's own law remains sketchy...

Punishment for forced labour is just 3 years in jail and traffickers often escape without action. And China escapes because of its economic might.

But the world just cannot sit and watch this gruesome violation unfold because Beijing has money. Trafficking is a blatant murder of human rights, China must be stopped.

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