WION Edit: Achieving independence from oil

DelhiUpdated: Sep 18, 2019, 08:00 PM IST
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Several countries are moving towards generating power entirely through renewable energy sources

Saudi Arabia is involved in several proxy wars in the region and continues to make a mockery of rights.

But even then, countries like the US, which have been directly affected by the terror exports from Saudi, continue to support Saudi Arabia.

The reason is oil and Saudi Arabia has loads of it. Simply put - it's Petro-Islam.

So, how long will Saudi Arabia get a free pass and a pat on the back for being the breeding ground of terrorism?

There is no clear answer because the world runs on oil. On Wion Edit, we discuss the need to find alternatives for oil.

Importers cannot continue to face supply disruption due to the crisis in West Asia.

Countries like India have diversified their oil procurement in an attempt to stay insulated from supply issues. But that's at best - a stop-gap solution.

If you look at the oil producers, with the exception of the US and Russia, most countries are facing turmoil.

Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Qatar and now Saudi Arabia. All these countries face threats of terrorism.

And this will only intensify and lead to more disputes over this crucial commodity. Depending on crude, therefore, is an economic risk in the medium to long term.

Several countries are moving towards generating power entirely through renewable energy sources. Countries like Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Nicaragua, Germany are well on course to achieving independence from oil.

That means that these countries need not worry about political disruptions in countries like Saudi Arabia.

Besides this, the transition is cost-effective too.

Over the last few years, India has come a long way in its push for renewable energy. Right now, the share of renewable energy in India is above 20 per cent. The government should continue this transition more aggressively.

This will help India escape the wrath of OPEC cartel. 

The sooner countries find alternatives to oil, the better it will be for economic autonomy. Besides, it will help in ending the many conflicts in West Asia.

The only way to end the radical Petro-Islam is to achieve independence from oil.

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