Name calling during presidential election campaign in USA

NEW DELHIWritten By: N S VenkataramanUpdated: Sep 29, 2020, 06:30 AM IST

File photo: Biden and Trump Photograph:(Reuters)

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Both the Presidential candidates are responsible for this situation and they themselves not only contribute to the hate campaign but also have not prevented the party followers in descending to such low levels.

There are millions of people around the world who admire the United States of America for its achievements in technological fields, strong economy, freedom of speech, religious freedom enjoyed by the citizens and high quality of technical education provided by US universities.  

Many people, particularly from the developing countries, have great craving for visiting the USA, seeing the spectacular achievements it has made in various fronts at least once in their lifetime.  Many students from these developing countries want to study in US universities and they aspire to get jobs in the USA after study and ultimately become US citizens.

The above are the reasons why the migrant population in the USA is increasing year after year. 

For example, in India, most of the families in the middle and upper income group have at least one person who has migrated to the USA and settled as a US citizen.  

The family living in India seem to be even admiring such people who have successfully migrated to the USA. Similar is the condition in several other developing countries.

While the overall view about the US amongst most citizens in the world are positive, the present style of campaign for the forthcoming US Presidential election has disappointed many people around the world and they are wondering as to what is really happening in the USA.

The fact that one cannot miss is that the campaign has virtually become a hate campaign between the contesting candidates for the President’s job and that is devoid of any healthy debates and discussions on socio economic issues of far reaching importance. The hate campaign has become so intense and nauseating that I do not even want to state the type of hate language being used.

Both the Presidential candidates are responsible for this situation and they themselves not only contribute to the hate campaign but also have not prevented the party followers in descending to such low levels. Even sections of the media appear to be taking part actively in this hate campaign.

Some people accuse President Trump of using vituperative language and making unnecessary irksome remarks. Even if this would be so, then the opposition candidate should have the wisdom to ignore such language with the contempt that it deserves and elevate the debate to a higher level. This is not happening and both the candidates appear to believe in hitting below the belt and paying back in the same coin. This is a very unhealthy trend, unbecoming of candidates aspiring to become US President. 

The great respect that the US gained around the world over the years due to its spectacular progress in various fronts is now being wiped out in one stroke by the ongoing hate campaign. Even the section of media in the USA is losing its reputation for not being objective and neutral in commenting about the forthcoming election.

What is even more shocking is that while the Presidential candidates are freely indulging themselves in such hate and counterproductive rhetorics, sane voices in the USA protesting against the deteriorating standards of debates and discussions are not being heard. One wonders as to whether the citizens of the USA who are not part of one political group or the other are reconciling themselves to such a situation or the sane voices, if any, are not being publicized.

In a healthy democratic country, there should be a group of people who can think in a lofty way with fear and hate for none and they are expected to voice their protest about the deteriorating standards in debates and public conduct.  Unfortunately, it appears that such groups of lofty thinkers are conspicuous by absence in the USA now. 

As the election campaign is becoming bitter and uglier day by day and the reputation of the US for fair and liberal thinking and discussions is rapidly losing ground, it is high time that the people having sane voices with healthy respect for decency in debates and discussions should organise themselves and voice their protest. The time is short and the next few weeks of election campaign, can mar the reputation of the USA and shake the confidence of people beyond redemption, if the low standard of the campaign is allowed to continue unchecked.

Now, the world and probably many in the US itself are looking to hear the sane voices in the USA.