Is Nepal going the Tibet way?

Written By: N S Venkataraman
Chennai Updated: Jun 26, 2020, 07:05 PM(IST)

Nepal China friendship? Photograph:( Reuters )

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As China's political and economic influence is growing in Nepal, It would be unfortunate if Nepal goes the Tibet way.

There are millions of people in India who have ardent desire to visit this country for several reasons including historical ones.

Of course, there are some border disputes with India which are not new and can be sorted out with the Narendra Modi government, which would always want peaceful relations with Nepal. The present time is ideal for Nepal to sort out its issues with India. Instead, the Nepal government has chosen the path of confrontation, which is very unfortunate and certainly not in the interest of Nepal.

Today, even as most countries in the world feel concerned about the territorial expansion policies of China.

The enmity that the present government of Nepal has unwisely developed towards India is clearly evident from the series of actions that the Nepal government has taken during the last few weeks. It has unilaterally changed the map, claiming parts of India to belong to Nepal. The Nepal government has blocked the maintenance work in the embankment on Gandak Barrage, by putting up a barricade on its border with India. The Nepal government has declared that Nepalese man marrying a woman from outside the country would mean that the bride will not be recognized by the Nepal government for seven years. 

People with an understanding of the ground realities would readily know that Nepal has nothing to gain by spoiling its relationship with India. Are such sane voices in Nepal heard adequately by the Nepalese government?

Considering the strange and quixotic behaviour of the Nepal government, many people think that the present rulers in Nepal are being guided by the Chinese government to pick up friction with India.

That would be the end of Nepal and gradually the country would become another Tibet. No well-wisher of Nepal anywhere in the world would like this to happen.

Nepal is a beautiful country with people known for several special and laudable attributes. It would be tragic if Nepal would go the Tibet way.

By their short-sighted approach, the present rulers in Nepal are making a historical mistake and one only hopes that they would realize this soon and ensure that further moves towards catastrophe would be checked.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL)

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