'Wall of Kindness' warms up Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and KashmirWritten By: Ieshan Bashir WaniUpdated: Jan 01, 2019, 03:24 PM IST

Wall of Kindness. Photograph:(WION)

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The sub-zero temperature in the mountainous state Jammu and Kashmir has frozen almost everything but a unique initiative led by the youth of the state is spreading warmth. 

A group of young boys and girls in Jammu and Kashmir have turned a wall into 'Wall of Kindness' where people can hang their warm clothes for those in need. 

Taking a cue from philanthropists in Iran and Turkey, the aim of the project is to provide relief to needy people of the state in the bone-chilling winters.

The sub-zero temperature in the mountainous state has frozen almost everything but this initiative is spreading warmth. The 'Wall of Kindness' is helping the poor and needy to survive in the biting cold winter.

Situated at the British-era boulevard, the wall has been painted by a non-governmental organisation where people can hang their clothes without being noticed. In the valley, many people have come forward with their clothes to help the needy in the freezing cold. State administration has also helped these people in getting the desired spaces for the wall. 

Wall of Kindness

The initiative has been started by an NGO 'Who is Hussain’ which has almost two dozen volunteers including students and young professionals.

"The main idea was to help the people. We identified a wall where people can come and donate and at the same time, people who need can take them without being identified," a volunteer associated with the NGO said.

These volunteers now aim to expand the project to other areas as well. They say that they are already in the process of identifying spots where similar walls could be started. The move is being hailed by several people in the state.

A local resident said, "This is a very good step. This will help people in minus temperature, poor people will be benefited from this move. This has happened in foreign countries as well, I am happy that it has come to Kashmir, I urge people to donate extra clothes."

The initiative was initially started for the homeless people of Mashhad in Iran. Soon the practice spread throughout the country with a motto 'leave if you do not need'. Since then, the movement has spread to many other countries including China, Pakistan and Italy.