Watch: Want to meet cute little gold smugglers? These ants will leave you in awe

New Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Chaheti Singh SisodiaUpdated: Jul 03, 2022, 08:19 PM IST
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The video which has over 160K views on Instagram, continues to melt hearts. 

Recently a video uploaded by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter handle, the video featuring a group of black ants lifting up a gold chain that looks quite heavy and surprisingly ants were seen moving it effortlessly on a rather difficult path for them. IFS officer gave a quirky caption to the video.

He wrote, "Tiny gold smugglers. The question is under which section of IPC they can be booked?"

Have you ever seen cute tiny smugglers stealing gold? Has a rather 'immoral' act left you in 'awe' of the situation?

If you're among the ones who haven't seen anything like this yet, watch this bizarre yet cute incident in this viral video.


A user dropped a comment, "Right example for 'UNITY IS STRENGTH'."

"Sir, Tell me where we will find such smugglers. Can we use them in flights. Tell their address," added another user.

Users also bombarded the post with hilarious comments: "I'm hiring them no resume required. Salary:- 12 sugar sacs/year(100kg sacs)"

Another quirky comment was, "Do cross check there base (ants home) You might find some more gold there."

The video which has over 160K views on Instagram, continues to melt hearts. What do you think about these cute smugglers?

Another user tried to put the ants' 'collective effort' in perspective, they wrote, "Ants are pulled or pushed 400 times its body weight !! Maybe the gold chine is 30 grm ! The average Weight of an ant is 0.002 grm ! Around 50 to 60 ants are trying to push and pull that !!

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