Strange spray-painted graffiti takes over Mumbai

File photo. Photograph:( ANI )

WION Web Team Delhi, India Mar 28, 2018, 08.09 AM (IST)

Coming across strange spray-painted symbols across Mumbai is nothing new. Locals in Mumbai have been reporting of strange graffiti on the walls, billboards, and pillars. The symbols look like a triangle with a wavy line underneath.

The symbols, in particular, were spotted on the exterior boundary walls of Victoria church in Mahim and Kohinoor Square near Shiv Sena Bhavan in central Mumbai.

Some believe that the graffiti bears a resemblance to the work of anonymous British graffiti artist, Banksy.

'We first saw someone painting this symbol in December, don't know the identity of the person," a passerby told ANI.

"This painting was made in the month of December. The person who made this painting looked like an Indian," noted another local.

(With inputs from ANI)