RSS not to press for Mathura and Kashi temples issue post Ayodhya verdict

Written By: Kartikeya Sharma WION
New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Nov 06, 2019, 06.53 PM(IST)

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The VHP had launched a campaign for the construction of the temple at Ram Janambhomi in 1984.

Assured that Ayodhya verdict will come in the favour of Hindus, the RSS has decided not to press for temples in Mathura and Kashi. Highly placed functionary in the RSS confirmed to WION that RSS does not want immediate polarisation after the Ayodhya verdict.

Thinking within the organization is that since both Kashi and Mathura issues can become legal immediately, there is no point pursuing them as it would lead to hard political posturing and will put pressure on the BJP government at the Centre.

This is a marked departure from the time when slogans like, "Ayodhya abhi jhanki hai, Mathura Kashi baaki hai.” Though Ayodhya remained central to BJP’s political agenda, Kashi and Mathura were also part of popular political imagination in Uttar Pradesh. 

The only difference is that the Ayodhya issue was formally adopted by the BJP at the Palampur session in Himachal Pradesh. BJP in the session decided to participate in the Ramjanambhomi Mandir movement which till then was being piloted by VHP, an affiliate of the RSS. The VHP had launched a campaign for the construction of the temple at Ram Janambhomi in 1984.

A senior source within the RSS told WION that RSS does not want the Ayodhya judgment to be seen as either victory or defeat.  

“We want this judgment to be seen as justice and nothing more and nothing less,” said a senior functionary. Highly placed functionary also said that the RSS does not want to do hard posturing immediately after the judgment lest it becomes political fodder to be used against them later.

Moreover, since the BJP is in power, the demand for these two issues will strengthen the argument put forward by opposing parties in the Supreme Court that if Ayodhya verdict goes in the favour of those arguing for a temple, then the matter will not end there.

It is for this reason the RSS has started a massive outreach programme even before the Supreme Court's judgement. Friends of RSS have launched a website called which presents the point of view of the RSS on the Ayodhya movement and the history of the site. The website is a compilation of every major aspect of the Ayodhya case and related legal and historical material.

On the other hand, RSS has decided to launch a nationwide campaign on the Indian value system soon after the verdict is delivered. The RSS wants the new campaign to bring together under the rubric of cultural nationalism which is built around the values which emanates from Ramayana and Mahabharata, two epic texts which continue to influence the life of crores of Indians even today. The focus will remain on Indian family values and concept of Bharat.

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