PM Narendra Modi slams Congress over Ayodhya, Article 370 issue

WION Web Team Daltonganj, Jharkhand, India Nov 25, 2019, 10.43 PM(IST)

File Photo: PM Narendra Modi Photograph:( IANS )

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PM Modi, in his speech, also spoke on the connection between Lord Rama with tribals (Adivasis). It should be noted that the state of Jharkhand has a significant tribal population. 

The prime minister on Monday slammed Congress for its inability to resolve the issue of Ayodhya and Jammu and Kashmir to protect its vote bank in his rally for the upcoming polls in Jharkhand. 

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing his first rally in the state in Daltonganj for the upcoming elections in Jharkhand. 

"The Congress follows the policy of procrastination so that it can keep collecting votes. The party kept the issue of article 370 pending. We had promised a resolution and we fulfilled it. The Ram Janmabhoomi dispute in Ayodhya had lingered for decades. The Congress could have resolved it, if it so wanted, but it chose to hurt the society, the country to protect its vote bank. See, today the dispute stands resolved," the prime minister said.

The prime minister, in his speech, also spoke on the connection between Lord Rama with tribals (Adivasis). It should be noted that the state of Jharkhand has a significant tribal population. 

"The Adivasis had shown the direction to even Lord Rama. When Lord Rama was in Ayodhya, he was called a Prince. When he left Ayodhya for 'Vanvaas' (exile) and returned back after 14 years he was called 'Maryada Purushottam'. This showed that the transformation in Lord Rama took place because, during his exile, he spent time with Adivasis. 

The prime minister also asserted to tribals that the BJP is committed to protect their rights: 'Jal, Jungle, Jameen' (water, forest and land)." He also said that under the administration of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a separate ministry was established for the welfare of tribals.

PM Modi also praised the Jharkhand government led by Raghubar Das for tackling the issue of Naxalism in the state. He said that when he first visited Jharkhand in 2014, the state was badly affected by Naxalism and violence because of which the state lagged behind other states on developmental issues.

"But the BJP government changed this. We have been able to eliminate Naxalism because our intent is clear and we are working with honesty," Modi said. 

He also accused Congress of using Naxals for political gains, adding that in the past five years, the government is able to eliminate this issue by bringing the disgruntled youth into the mainstream. 

Calling the election as a contest between those who 'serve' and those who 'loot', the PM added: The Congress has problems, we have the solutions. They have accusations, we have the report of the work we have done. They have empty promises, we have the proof of development". 

PM Modi also said that the party was committed to the five principles of social justice, stability, good governance, prosperity, respect for all and security. 

Taking a jibe at former governments of the state, the prime minister said that earlier governments were formed through back door. Alliances were formed in the state by those who were driven by the lust for power and who exploited the resources of the state. 

The prime minister said that the Das government worked day and night to end corruption, bring transparency and set up institutional mechanisms. 

He also added that the "double-engine" growth in Jharkhand was only possible because, in the Centre and state, BJP government was in power. 

"The benefits of double-engine growth are many. There is continuity of political games are played," PM said.

The elections of Jharkhand will be held in five phases beginning from November 30. Daltonganj will vote in the phase. 

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