PM Modi, Trump set to meet at G7 summit on August 26

Written By: Sidhant Sibal WION
New Delhi Published: Aug 22, 2019, 09.16 PM(IST)

File photo. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

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The US President had earlier asked both India and Pakistan to fight the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump will be face-to-face on the sidelines of the 45th G7 summit in Biarritz, France on August 26.

This is the first time both leaders will be together at a forum after there much talked about bilateral on the sidelines of G20 summit at the end of June in Osaka Japan.

"I am gonna be with PM Modi...I will be with him over a weekend in France", US President Donald Trump had said earlier this week.

The meet comes in the backdrop of India-Pakistan tensions over India's internal decision to remove the special status for the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir which saw Islamabad lashing out at New Delhi.

Since that decision, Pakistani Prime Minister and President Trump have spoken twice and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President have spoken once and discussed the ongoing situation in the Indian subcontinent. 

The US while asking both sides to show restraint, has asked Pakistan to tone down its anti-India rhetoric.

Afghanistan is expected to be discussed even as the Afghan peace process reaches a crucial stage. On Thursday, the US President had asked both India and Pakistan to fight the Islamic State(IS) in Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump said, "countries are going to have to fight them....countries and that includes Russia and it includes Iran and Turkey and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and India. Look India is right there. They're not fighting it. We're fighting it. Pakistan is right next door. They're fighting it very little. Very very little. It's not fair."

Trade has been another contentious issue with Washington asking India to do more on that front. US President has in the past called India a "tariff king" and has been proding New Delhi to open its market for US companies.

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