Petrol, diesel prices continue to soar, hit another new high

WION Web Team
Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 24, 2018, 08:36 AM IST
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File photo. Photograph:(Reuters)

Petrol prices were recorded at Rs 77.47/litre in Delhi on Thursday morning while for Mumbai it stood at Rs 85.29/litre.

In Delhi, the price of diesel was registered at Rs 68.53/litre and at Rs 72.96/litre for Mumbai.

As per the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, petrol prices in Kolkata and Chennai were recorded at Rs 80.12 and Rs 80.42 per litre respectively; diesel prices for both the metro cities were registered at Rs 71.08 and Rs 72.35 a litre respectively.

Date Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai
May 23 77.17 84.99 79.83 80.11
May 22 76.87 84.70 79.53 79.79
May 21 76.57 84.40 79.24 79.47
May 20 76.24 84.07 78.91 79.13

This is the fourth record high for petrol prices in the last four days. Petrol in Delhi was selling at Rs 77.17 a litre on Wednesday, Rs 76.87 a litre on Tuesday, and at Rs 76.57 and Rs 76.24 on Monday and Sunday respectively.


According to reports, petrol price in Delhi crossed Rs 77 per litre for the first time ever on Wednesday while in Mumbai, the petrol price amounted to 1 paise short of Rs 85 per litre. 

On Wednesday, diesel prices stood at Rs 68.34 a litre in Delhi, Rs 72.76 a litre in Mumbai, Rs 70.89 a litre in Kolkata and Rs. 72.14 in Chennai respectively.