Perspective of developing countries to be put forward at G20: Argentina envoy to WION

Written By: Sidhant Sibal WION
Buenos Aires, Argentina Updated: Nov 29, 2018, 10:21 AM(IST)

Argentina will host this year's G20 summit from November 30 to December 1. (Image source: @g20org) Photograph:( Twitter )

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Daniel Chuburu added that the focus will be on terror, trade wars and cryptocurrency. 

In an exclusive conversation with WION ahead of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s ambassador to India Daniel Chuburu said the focus of the summit will be on putting forward the perspective of developing countries. Argentina will be hosting this year's G20 summit form November 30 to December 1, becoming the first South American country to do so. Chuburu added that the focus will be on terror, trade wars and cryptocurrency.

WION: What will be the focus of this year's G20 summit?

Daniel Chuburu: The main theme has been— during this year— it has been the fact of trying to get consensus. That was something that came very clearly from last years summit in Germany in which there was a need to have a consensus. So we felt the question of consensus has to be clearly spoken. Argentina, India come from the south. We are developing countries. The question of sustainable development is something that is very important. We believe sustainable development that can give us the greater benefit. The very important question of fairness. We believe the world has been doing well in the last years, a lot of growth coming to a lot of countries, but the benefits of growth have not been fairly distributed. 

WION: What will the G20 summit in Argentina be remembered for?

Daniel Chuburu: As far as we can be credible to the theme we develop, we would like to be remembered for that. Unfortunately, this has been the year of trade wars that have been on the first page of newspapers for a long time. So this is one of the issues that are there in the mind of everyone for the summit. There have been a lot of discussions. The process of G20 happens through the summit, 20 G20 leaders, 30 Leaders in total. This is a whole year process. We had more than 60 meetings, 10 at minister levels. During the meet, we prepare what is discussed. The bureaucracy goes in one direction, then 20 leaders get together to discuss. It's not a strict agenda. We have to give leaders the possibility to sit down and discuss. We firmly believe G20 document should be short, final, action-oriented document. G20 doesn’t have a secretariat. G20 is not an international organization. G20 is an informal mechanism whose main expression is leaders summit.

WION: How can G20 bring viability to South America?

Daniel Chuburu: That was one of the main preoccupations of the government of Argentina since we took office in December last year. Our sherpa and our minister have been visiting the region and developing member countries of the G20. We thought it was very important to bring the perspective of the south. The perspective of developing countries. We have stressed that and we have been transmitting the idea in all the meets. There is not such a thing or a single answer to any problem. Tried to put the perspective of region and countries.

WION: How much will the focus be on cryptocurrency?

Daniel Chuburu: Argentina has accepted that issue is to be discussed. It was discussed by the minister of finance and presidents of the central bank in July this year. They have interpreted that it is not a threat but have to keep eye on it. It touches a very sensitive area. The question of illegality brings me to clarify that there is not yet such a consensus on G20 on a need to establish a regulation on it. The decision has to be taken. Yes, the consensus is that cryptocurrency touches important issues like money laundering, protection of the right of investors, consumers, financing of terror, transparency of the market. No clear consensus on regulation.

WION: How much will terror be the issue?

Daniel Chuburu: I believe terror is one of the issues that are on the international agenda. But not a specific group dealing with it in G20. So I guess it will be in the final document. It will reflect the concern that a lot of countries and region within G20 have especially on the financing of terror.

WION: Will you be calling neighbours?

Daniel Chuburu: Chile has been invited. Netherland has been invited. Two countries, Argentina has invited themselves. Chair of international groupings like ASEAN with Singapore and African Union with Rwanda invited. So, seven countries have been invited. Spain is always invited to G20. Participation of every region. South Africa has been invited. Some countries do have representation in their own region and they are part of the G20.

WION: How do you see the future of G20?

Daniel Chuburu: We believe the composition of G20 plus do represent the changes that have taken place in the world. Its a place where you can discuss world problems and the impacts of the different crisis. It's not an international organisation. It is an informal mechanism. They further take it to an international organisation. We don’t intend to take a further step on formalisation or institutionalisation of G20.

WION: Any update on bilaterals at the summit?

Daniel Chuburu: I can’t confirm you any bilateral. We can deal with meeting that we are going to deal bilaterally. Difficult to keep track of bilateral. Will reassure you that a lot of bilateral will take place.

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