Navratri 2018: Keep these quick tips handy to fast the healthy way 

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Delhi, India Published: Oct 10, 2018, 10:13 AM(IST)

Navratri begins on October 10 in India. Photograph:( Others )

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Ensure optimum health this Navratri while taking the full joy of participating in the festivities and ceremonies. 

Today marks the onset of Navratri, one of the most significant and much-awaited Hindu festivals. Devotees all across the country will be observing fasts and offer prayers to celebrate and seek blessings from nine avatars of Goddess Durga. 

Navratri falls twice every year according to the Hindu calendar and this particular festival coincides with the joyous festival of Durga Puja that is celebrated by the Bengali community with much fervour. 

Devotees all across celebrate the holy festival in different ways, while some refrain from consuming alcohol or non-vegetarian items, many others even give up on using garlic and onion while prepping their meals during these nine days. Others choose to fast on the first and the last day of the festival and many decide to go on fasting for all nine days. 

This Navratri, if you plan to fast for all days, do it smartly. We share some quick tips that can easily be followed to make fasting fun this festive season. 

Small, regular meals

Remember, fasting doesn't mean going without food, there are a host of 'vrat-friendly' ingredients that you can play around during this period to cook up delicious, nutritionally-rich meals. 

Eat small but regular meals. Include rock salt in your diet, load up on plenty of fluids like juices, buttermilk, coconut water, et cetera. 

Cut down on caffeine, sugar

Since most of your regular food items will be off-grid for these nine days, it is advisable to go easy on your caffeine. In general also, experts suggest not exceeding your daily caffeine intake over 400mg. Limit your sugar intake as well to ensure avoiding any spike in blood sugar levels; stay hydrated. 

Options galore

Think fasting means no flours? Think again. There is a range of ingredients that can be turned into flours and used for making sumptuous delicacies. Buckwheat, water caltrop (singhada) and amaranth (ramdana) are available as flours as well and can be worked into pooris, parathas or even pakoras to entice your tastebuds this Navratri. 

Snack smart

The market shelves are loaded with 'vrat-friendly' snacks around this time of the year. Read your labels and avoid consuming excess sugar and processed ingredients in the name of 'low-fat', fast-friendly' options. Stay away from chips or other processed snacks and satisfy hunger pangs by cooking with nutritious items like foxnuts (makhana), amaranth, nuts and dry fruits, buckwheat, singhara, fresh fruits and dairy products. 

Ensure optimum health this Navratri while taking the full joy of participating in the festivities and ceremonies. 

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