India, China must connect more 'without any conflict': Modi

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jun 01, 2018, 07:30 PM IST


India and China must connect more "without any conflict", Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Friday. 

"In human history, India and China have dominated global trade for centuries. At the same time, there was no conflict. We must think of furthering connectivity without any conflict," Modi said. 

Modi was speaking at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore, where he is slated to deliver the keynote address at the Shangri-La Dialogue Friday evening. 

The Shangri-La Dialogue is a "track one" inter-governmental security forum held annually by an independent think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies. The forum is attended by defence ministers, ministry heads, and military chiefs of 28 Asia-Pacific states. The dialogue gets its name from the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore where it has been held since 2002.

Modi added that the 21st century belongs to Asia. 

"The entire world is convinced that 21st century belongs to Asia. What is important is if we Asians feel the same," Modi said. 


And he talked of the benefits of technology. 

"Technology is what empowers people. A technology-driven society breaks social barriers. Technology has to be affordable and user-friendly. We should not see every disruption as destruction. People were apprehensive about computers but see how computers changed human history," Modi added.