Indian-origin businessman buys Seychelles island

Seychelles Updated: Jun 01, 2018, 08:16 PM(IST)

Everyone aims to have a roof over their heads. Everyone also wants a dream home. But, do you dream of owning your own home island? Well, a third generation Indian origin businessman in Seychelles- Sunil Shah has turned that dream into a reality. WION caught up with the Shah family on a trip to the Indian ocean country.

Everyone wants to own his dream home. But, do you dream of owning your own home island? Well, a third generation Indian origin businessman in Seychelles-Sunil Shah and his late father Anant-Jivan Shah have not only dared to dream that dream in Seychelles, but they also have achieved it. 

Seychelles may be Africa’s smallest nation with the population just about approaching 100,000 people and is possibly the smallest capital in the World. But, straddling key sea-lanes in the Indian Ocean, the 150-island archipelago can punch much higher than its weight category.   

Seychelles is mainly a popular tourist destination.  The National Bureau of Statistics recorded nearly 350,000 visitors in 2017, an increase of 15 per cent.  13,500 of these foreigners last year were Indian, up 20 per cent over 2016. Tourists not only bask in the eternal summer of the Indian Ocean but contribute to preserving the unspoilt nature of this cradle of biodiversity.  

“We must look after the attributes that bring tourists here, that tourists come to see. We must make certain that they are protected. Which is why half of our limited land mass has already been set aside as nature reserves, parks and marine parks.” 

Within one of those protected marine parks is third generation Gujarati origin Sunil Shah’s Enchanted Island resort. 

Shah’s grandfather came to Seychelles from Mandvi in Kutch, Gujarat in 1864. Though Sunil Shah worked with his father Anant-Jivan in running one of the top accounting firms in Seychelles. In 2013, Shah Junior found his inside calling in first acquiring an Island and then developing it into a premium luxury resort.

The first glimpse of Enchanted Island hardly gives away the 8 villas on the boutique island resort managed now by Dubai based JA resorts and hotels. The villas have been built around nature rather than through it.

Sunil Shah also has a passion for restoration, art and antique posters picked up in auctions around the world. A limited edition commissioned rare Artist Proof  bronze tortoise watches over the main infinity pool which seems to stretch out into the sea  is designed to point in between the two nearby islands 

 Up to 24 guests have their own private paradise and beaches to chill out on. The villa prices range from 600 Euros to over 3000 Euros a night—about 45,000 Indian Rupees to nearly one and a half lakh Indian rupees a night plus taxes.  

The price for paradise gets these breathtaking views from the Owner’s Signature Villa. 2 bedrooms split over two villas, with direct access to three beaches, a lounge with private indoor and outdoor living spaces. Its 243 square meters have the best views on Enchanted Island.  

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