Holi 2018: How to keep your skin and hair damage-proof

WION Web Team
Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Mar 01, 2018, 12:22 PM IST

Our skin and hair take the maximum hit during Holi celebrations. Photograph:(Others)

With Holi just a day away, it is imperative that you indulge in all the festivities keeping your health in mind. Our skin and hair take the maximum hit during Holi celebrations. Harmful chemicals and agents present in Holi colours are difficult to remove and damage skin and hair. 

What is really damaging is the repeated cleaning that people indulge in post-Holi to get rid of all the colour. Experts suggest repeated cleaning highly detrimental as soaps and shampoos are also laced with chemicals that can strip our hair and skin of its sheen and moisture. 

This Holi, we suggest you make an extra effort and ensure that your skin and hair is protected from all the damage. Simple tricks can go a long way in protecting you this Holi and add more sparks to the festive season, take a look. 


Things to keep in mind 
1. It is important to moisturise your skin and hair before exposing yourself to colours. Choose from a range of oils like coconut and mustard and apply it properly on to your skin and hair. Oil application will keep Holi colour from seeping into the skin and will also facilitate easy removal of colour.

2. Apart from oiling your hair, you can also protect your hair and scalp by wearing a cap while playing Holi. It is advisable to wear full-sleeved clothing and keep your body as covered as possible. 

3. In case you are expected to be exposed to the sun for long, don't forget to apply a sunscreen. 
4. Organic colours are easily available and are better for the health of your skin and hair. Choose these over the chemical laden ones. Playing with dry colours is always better than playing with water, however, asthmatics should steer clear of dry colours. 

5. People usually fall prey to dehydration while playing Holi owing to prolonged exposure to the sun -- one of the reasons why thandai is offered during and after people are done playing Holi. Make sure you are hydrated well.

6. Cold water is always better to get rid of Holi colours. Moisturising lotion or oil can also work well for the same purpose. 
7. Go herbal this Holi, not only in the choice of colours but also for products. Herbal, chemical-free soaps and shampoos will help you get rid of the Holi colour without harming your hair and skin.  
8. Women should avoid getting any facial treatments -- like facial, cleansing or bleaching -- one week before and after Holi. 

9. Those with acne-prone skin or who already suffer from breakouts must avoid application of colour on the face. 

10. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses, in case of eye irritation, splash cold water and see a doctor in case the problem persists. 

Just a little bit of planning can help you enjoy the festival of colours better and save you from all the post-Holi drama. We hope this Holi is filled with colours and brings joy and good health to one and all.

Happy Holi!