Delhi: Robert Vadra voices concern over VIP exemptions in odd-even scheme

New Delhi, India Published: Nov 05, 2019, 12.57 PM(IST)

File photo of Robert Vadra. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

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Delhi government has reintroduced the Odd-Even scheme in its bid to combat the menace of air pollution in Delhi. 

Businessman Robert Vadra on Tuesday took to social media site Facebook to criticise the exemptions granted to vehicles of VIPs by the Delhi government in its `odd-even scheme` to combat air pollution and stated that all must adhere to the law.

"I do hope this formula of inconveniencing regular commuters, will help in bringing down the levels of pollution in the city, rather than only decrease the traffic congestion on the roads. My one most significant grouse on this scheme is, why have we exempted all VIP vehicles to drive around in any vehicle with any number ODD or EVEN ?!", he wrote in a detailed facebook post.

"Since members of parliaments are elected by the people, and other VIPs in plump posts, are meant to be an example and by adhering to the rules they create, I think it`s clearly hypocritical," Vadra added.

Vadra also demanded for the regulations to be made equally applicable on all the citizens.

"We all must follow the rules for them to know, the difficulties for children, women who cannot drive, and men to make changes in their routines, regular transports also not being available to substitute in commuting. We must revolt for each citizen of Delhi should have to follow the rules and have no special exempt list for VIPs," Vadra further stated in his post.

Kejriwal led government in Delhi has reintroduced the Odd-Even scheme - allowing vehicles of even and odd numbers alternately on Delhi roads in its bid to combat the menace of air pollution in Delhi, but has listed VIPs for exemption.

The scheme, which was enforced from November 4 and will go on till November 15, has evoked mixed reactions from the locals, who fear the scheme may cause them problems while commuting.The government has proposed a fine of Rs 4000 for flouting the scheme. 

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