Can't pay salaries anymore, look for other jobs: Mehul Choksi writes to his employees

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Published: Feb 24, 2018, 07:59 AM(IST)

File photo: Mehul Choksi. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

Owner of Gitanjali Gems, Mehul Choksi, has written to his employees saying a situation of “fear and injustice” has been created against him and the company. 

Choksi, in a communication to over 3,500 employees, said it would be "very tough" to clear dues of his employees or pay future salaries, as investigative agencies had seized his bank accounts and other properties, adding that the manner of investigation was starting to create havoc, and was hell-bent on stopping the operations.

Highlighting the "situation of fear and injustice" created against him and the company, Choksi, in his letter issued by his advocate, Sanjay Abbott, suggested to employees that in view of the uncertainty looming overpayment of dues, termination of office operations, and "unfair investigation", they begin scouting for alternate career options.

"I will face my destiny and I know I have done nothing wrong and ultimately the truth shall prevail," Choksi said in the letter.

Here is the full text of the letter dated 23 February 2018 written by Mehul Choksi to his India employees:

I am constrained to write the present email to you all concerned, as a situation of fear and injustice has been created against me and our organization.

We all together have seen all the highs, while working honestly and with integrity, to achieve our motto of giving true essence of Indian Hospitality to our customers. But, now, with the recent false allegations levelled against me of defrauding the PNB  Bank and media frenzy,  the situation has gone grave, which is turning graver by the day.

Though I am aware that a lot of hard work has been put by you all to bring our organization to where it is today, but as of now, I am facing a lot of problems due to the manner in which the multiple investigating agencies/ government agencies have started to create a havoc, hell-bent upon stopping  the operations.

However, the fact remains that as of today, the justice that I deserve is far off, as it shall take time to prove my innocence, and the future seems uncertain presently.

Even the operations in India have come to a standstill and restarting the same may take time. ln such a situation, it shall be wrong on my part to force you all to sit ideal waiting for the work to restart, when the future for you all is bright.

I will face my destiny and I know that I have done nothing wrong, and ultimately, the truth shall prevail. But, I do not want anybody to get even a shadow of adversity or injustice onto the people just because of their association with me. At this moment, the investigating agencies seem to be interested not in a fair investigation but in creating a fear psychosis within my employees. The kind of unfair treatment, unfair investigation, media frenzy and political statements are making me highly insecure about the safety of myself and my family members. 

It is very tough for me, as of now, to be clearing your dues or to pay the future salaries, in view of the seizing of the various bank accounts and other properties by the Government Agencies/ investigating Agencies.

Thus, in  view of firstly, no certainty about the payment of the salaries, secondly, no certainty about the payment of electricity and maintenance charges of the office to run the office, thirdly, the unfair investigation conducted by the investigating agencies, I do not want anyone to suffer due to their  connection/ association with me, so I request you all to look for other career opportunities elsewhere.

Further, the laptops/ mobile phones, if any, issued from the Office may be retained by you till clearance of your past dues, if any.

Further, tile HR is being instructed to issue relieving letters and experience certificates, should you desire to have it.

I reiterate that I am committed to clear your past dues, if any, once things return to normalcy.

0ur future association may, till the clearance of all allegations against me, be deferred and I would be happy to be re­associated with you all in happy times.

Mehul Choksi

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