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Viola Davis: 'Widows' revolutionary in portrayal of black female sexuality

File photo of actress Viola Davis Photograph:( Reuters )

Agencia EFE London, UK Nov 15, 2018, 11.00 AM (IST)

Hollywood actress Viola Davis explained how Steve MacQueen's new movie 'Widows' is revolutionary in its portrayal and sexualization of a black woman on screen, the actress told EFE in an interview.

During the London presentation of 'Widows', a film with a female-heavy cast about how a group of widowed women decides to finish off a heist their criminal husbands were planning, Davis spoke to EFE about her role and the movie.

"I'm proudest of the fact of how the movie opens," the actress explained.

"With me kissing Liam Neeson in bed, with my natural hair, with my dark skin, with me being 53. I'm happiest with the sexualization of a black woman on screen. And he's not my slave-owner, he's not my pimp, he's my husband, " Davis added. 

The actress denounced how the film industry has a very superficial stance when it comes to casting women of colour who get relegated to overly masculine subservient roles. 

"I think it's revolutionary, and I am 100 per cent sure that you will see it no other movie this year, or next year or the year after," Davis said when discussing the movie's depiction of black female sexuality. 

The film is based on a British television series from the 1980s.