K-pop star Sulli dead at 25, fans pin blame on cyber-bullying

New Delhi Updated: Oct 15, 2019, 08:47 AM(IST)

File image of Sulli. Photograph:( Twitter )

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One of Korea`s popular music stars, Sulli passed away at the age of 25 on Monday.

One of Korea`s popular music stars, Sulli passed away at the age of 25 on Monday. The star died at her home near Seoul and the body was discovered by her manager who then alerted the police, reported Variety.

She suffered from depression, said police and added that they are working on the assumption that it was likely a suicide. However, no note was recovered during the investigations.

Sulli, whose real name was Choi Jin-ri began her career as a child actor in 2005 and shot to fame as one of the members of the K-pop girl band f(x). However, the star paused working until 2014 when she complained of severe cyber-bullying.

Sulli even quit the band, the next year.She again came into limelight for playing the lead in the 2017 film `Real`.Soon after the news of her demise came out, fans took no time in mourning the loss and bidding farewell to her.

One of the fans echoed the cyber-bullying suffered by the late pop star as he tweeted, "Netizens and hate comments killed her. Just stop cyber bully guys."


The actor-singer`s battle with internet bullying was no secret and fans knew how Sulli had been a victim of it. Pinning the blame of her death on it, another user wrote, "#Sulli has made it clear MANY times that she was going through stuff and wanted help but no one was there, not only that but people cyber bullying her."

The user pressed on the need to "stop being mean to people."


"This beautiful girls life just ended because of bullying. People need to start realizing rude comments you think are harmless, THEY HURT. This needs to stop, the hate, the ignorant comments need to end NOW. Rest easy Sulli, I`m sorry no one listened to you, you`ll be missed," wrote another fan. 


"Everytime this song played on my shuffle playlist, I really remember Sulli bcs IU herself wrote and dedicated this song for her. She will always be remembered through this song and I will never listened to Peach the same again from now on," one user wrote.

While some honoured her with snippets from her performances, some shared lyrics of her songs." you`ve been through a lot. the world has failed you and we are sorry. i hope you are peaceful now," tweeted another.



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