Joe Jonas opens up about Jonas Brothers' breakup, says it hit him like a tsunami

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jun 10, 2021, 06:52 PM IST
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Fans can read about the band's formation in 2005 to their split, reunion, and more in their upcoming memoir 'Blood'

We all are aware of the 2013 Jonas Brother's breakup. Now, Joe Jonas is opening up about his feelings on the Jonas Brothers split in their upcoming memoir titled 'Blood'. 

The 31-year-old crooner took to his Instagram to share an excerpt from the brothers' forthcoming book.

He also shared a black-and-white Instagram photo of the three brothers looking at the mountains as he looked back at old times. Joe captioned his post, ''The tsunami inside of me built until it broke and crashed through everything in its path… But sometimes things need to break down so they can be built up again on a stronger foundation''. 

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''As we grow through our lives, I know I’ll always have my brothers, as family, as friends, and as BLOOD,'' he said. 

In a second slide, the excerpt reads, "When people picture tsunamis, they usually think of it as this majestic, perfectly formed wave that ends in tragedy and destruction. It's brilliantly blue and crests above the horizon as it approaches landfall. It's almost a work of art,".

"That's not really what a tsunami looks like. It's ugly. It's not really even a wave. The ocean simply doesn't stop when it hits land. It builds up at the shore, and, when there's too much displacement, the water breaks free and the ocean spills forth, collecting filth and destroying everything in its path." He explained

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Detailing the breakup meeting, he recalled, ''I walked into that meeting like a tourist going to the beach. I kicked back on the couch, said, ‘What’s going on,’ and put my feet up. I didn’t see the tsunami coming.''

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''And the tsunami was inside me, building up as Nick spoke,'' he continued. ''I still remember the exact words he said, which were a bit different than what Kevin recalled but hit me a lot harder: 'My heart is no longer in this'.''

Fans can read about the band's formation in 2005 to their split, reunion, and more in their upcoming memoir 'Blood', which will be out on November 9.