Angelina Jolie: I question myself often, and don't strive to be balanced & perfect

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New Delhi Published: Nov 07, 2021, 09:11 PM(IST)

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Angelina Jolie went on to add that 'Eternals' mirrors the real world with its diverse cultural background.

Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie said in a recent round table conference with the Indian media that she is someone who's always questioning herself and never walks around with an air of over confidence.

The actress told Indian news agency PTI during their interaction over Zoom that her character in 'Eternals' is similar to who she is in real life. "I'm somebody who questions herself often, and I don't walk around with confidence that I'm ever good enough or strong enough."

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"But I've come to see as I've got older that those parts of me that are very emotional and vulnerable are also what make me very real and in tune to my children or in tune to someone else or a stranger to be empathetic. And to have my own parts that are broken... I hope it's made me a better person. So, I don't strive to be balanced and perfect," the two-time Academy Award winner further added, reportedly.

The actor went on to add that 'Eternals' mirrors the real world with its diverse cultural background.

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"Now, I kind of embrace these things that make us very real and human, (they) are in fact our strengths. And so yes, I'm very much like Thena... I am both that person that can be raw, feel broken, vulnerable, but I'm also that person who will fight to the end with everything I've got for those I love. It kind of came out of the blue and they sat me in a room and explained to me that this stage of Marvel was going to be the most diverse and inclusive... and this representation of this new family. I was so excited that they were doing that and I just wanted to support it and be a part of it in any way I could," the actor said.
"Obviously, with my own family, I'm a big believer in love and diversity and see every day the strength that comes from and the deeper understanding of each other. So I was really drawn to that (the film) for that reason," Jolie said of her own family. 

'Eternals' released in Indian theatres on November 5 in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

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