'Goodbye motherland', Afghan filmmaker pens heart-wrenching post on leaving Afghanistan

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Aug 27, 2021, 05:48 PM IST


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After a total collapse of the government and Taliba's capture of the system, filmmaker and photojournalist Roya Heydari left Afghanistan in fear and is currently staying in France.

Leaving all their wealth, money and land, the people of Afghanistan are waving goodbye to their homeland in the hope of a new and better life amid the chaotic and horrifying situation that erupted after the Taliban took over the country. 

Like others, Afghan filmmaker and photographer Roya Heydari also left her county and while leaving, she shared a heartwrenching post. 

Taking to her Twitter account, the filmmaker posted a photo of herself from the airport showing the situation of a war-torn country, in which she is seen sitting and waiting outside the airport. 

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''I left my whole life, my home in order to continue to have a voice," the photojournalist wrote.  

 ''Once again, I am running from my motherland. Once again, I am going to start from zero. I took only my cameras and a dead soul with me across an ocean. With a heavy heart, goodbye motherland. Until we meet again," Heydari further wrote. 

As per reports, the Afghan filmmaker is currently staying in France. “Death only comes once, I’m not afraid of them killing me,” said Heydari. “What I feared was being caged, not being able to go outside and continue my work.”

Her heartbreaking post is all over the internet and here's how people are reacting to it. 





Earlier, Afghanistan’s biggest pop star Aryana Sayeed fled the country on a US flight out of Kabul as the Taliban took control over the capital city of Kabul and the country’s government collapsed in totality.