'Aarya 2' review: Sushmita Sen is a scene stealer in this worthy sequel 

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New DelhiWritten By: Shomini SenUpdated: Dec 10, 2021, 12:50 PM IST

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Story highlights

With the focus firmly set on Sushmita Sen's character, who delivers a powerful performance once again, 'Aarya 2' manages to engage and excite and narrates a telling story of power and greed. 

There is a certain urgency right from the first frame of 'Aarya 2' that draws the viewers instantly towards the show.  The second instalment of Ram Madhvani's immensely popular show 'Aarya' wastes no time and dives deep into the plot from the word go. And the shows leading protagonist Sushmita Sen takes on the show on her able shoulders and delivers a refined performance yet again.

The series starts in the courtroom where Zorawar Shekhawat (Jayant Kripalani) and his son Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) along with Udaiveer Shekhawat (Akash Khurrana) are under trial for a major drug case. For the public prosecutor, the only hope to win the case is to bring back Aarya to the country. A prime witness in the case, Aarya with the help of ACP Khan had fled to Australia with her three kids -away from the drug cartel, mafia and murderers of her husband.

Arya returns to India with her kids and is attacked at the govt safehouse on the first day itself. While she helps to free her husband's murderers -her dad and brother, she finds herself embroiled in the drugs case once again. She has a lot at stake much like the first season. As Aarya unwillingly gets drawn into a drug nexus, she has to battle not just the Russian mafia, but ACP Khan, a depressed daughter, and a dubious brother.

The beauty of Ram Madhvani's series is that it never loses focus from the main plot. While subplots are given importance, but they are all very well imbibed into the main story. There really is never a dull moment in the second season of 'Aarya'. With the focus firmly set on Sen's character, who delivers a powerful performance once again, 'Aarya 2' manages to engage and excite and narrates a telling story of power and greed. 

At the helm of the story is Sushmita Sen, who marvellously makes Aarya an almost extension of herself. When Sen is on screen, it's hard to notice anyone else. She exudes confidence like no one else and portrays her character with utmost sincerity. Aarya is fierce, vengeful but also kind, considerate and motherly to not just her kids but everyone else. The beauty of Sen's performance lies in the details- where she isn't really speaking but still saying volumes with her body language, her eyes. Complementing her is actor Vikas Kumar who is terrific as ACP Khan.

Kumar portrayal of the character in Season 1 too was lauded. In the second season, Kumar's character goes through tumultuous changes. Khan is conflicted as an individual who has lost sense of time trying to solve the case. At one point he is the confidante of Aarya, in other times he is her enemy. Kumar's performance is sharp and it is a delight to watch him and Sen on screen together. 

'Aarya 2' brings back the principles characters of the first season and the actors are all brilliant in their respective parts. Be it Jayant Kripalani as remorseful, calculative Zorawar Rathore or Akash Khurrana - the vengeful Udaiveer Shekhawat or Sikander Kher- the guilt-ridden henchman or Ankur Bhatia who plays Aarya's dubious brother Sangram or even Sugandha Garg as Sangram's wife- all of the actors are stunning in their portrayals. 

Sequels are always tricky to make. Especially when the first season has been lauded by one and all. But writers Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh and Anu Singh Choudhary, with additional writing inputs provided by Vinod Rawat, Kapil Sharma weave such a compelling story in 'Aarya 2' that it is hard to decide which season is better. It's a dark, murky story that is full of betrayal but at its core has a very human aspect to it thanks to its central character.  

The season ends with the possibility of a sequel and one can't wait to see what this team will churn up again. 

'Aarya 2' is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.