Watch: Putin makes stunning presentation on Russia's missile & nuclear capability

WION Web Team
Moscow, Russia Published: Mar 01, 2018, 02:34 PM(IST)

President Putin's latest presentation on Russia's defense development was met with a wild cheer from the crowd. Photograph:( Reuters )

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an array of video clips unveiled a new range of nuclear weapons including intercontinental ballistic missile, a small nuclear warhead that could be attached to cruise missiles, underwater nuclear drones, a supersonic weapon and a laser weapon.

"I can say that Russia has developed an unmanned submarine that can operate at great depth," the Russian president said, adding ominously,"it can travel transcontinental distance, with a speed many folds faster than conventional submarines, the most advanced torpedoes, and all types of ships, even the fastest."

"This is absolutely fantastic," he declared excitedly.

The Russian president who will be fighting the next presidential elections due to be held in a few days in which he is widely expected to win drew huge cheers as he presented the next generation weapons to the Russian public.

"Unmanned submarines can be armed with conventional and nuclear warheads, this allows them to strike a wide range of targets," Putin said.

"Low attitude, difficult to notice cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead, with a virtually unlimited range and an unpredictable trajectory and capability to bypass interception lines, it's invincible to all existing and prospective air defence and missile defence systems," he told the crowd as he displayed the images on a video screen.

The presentation made on a giant screen in central Moscow was not just a display of Russian military capability but a virtual vision of Putin's Russia projecting himself as a "strong man". 

"The most important stage of development of modern arms systems is the creation of a high-precision, supersonic missile aerospace system that has no equivalents in the world."

"Its tests have been successfully concluded," he added.

The Russian leader also voiced concerns about a new US nuclear doctrine, saying that Russia's own doctrine was defensive and only envisaged the use of nuclear weapons in response to an attack.

Russia has repeatedly said it is keen to hold talks with the United States about the "balance" of strategic nuclear power.

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