Hindu priest recites Vedic prayer from Yajurveda at White House on National Day of Prayer

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WashingtonUpdated: May 08, 2020, 08:33 PM IST
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File photo: US President Donald Trump. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Our country has endured a grave hardship - but your faith and prayers are bringing us strength, Trump said during his address from the White House

On the occassion of National Day of Prayer in the United States, a Hindu priest was invited by US President Trump as he recited Vedic prayer derived from the Yajurveda at the White House as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.

The Vedic prayer derived from the Yajurveda, goes like this: Om Dyau Shanti, Rantariksha Gwam Shanti, Prithvi Shanti, Rapah Shanti, Roshadhayah Shanti, Vanas Patayah Shanti, Vishwed Devah Shanti, Brahma Sarvag Wam Shanti, Shanti Reva Shanti Sa Ma Shanti, RedhiOm Shanti Shanti Shanti..

During his address from the White House, the US President said: "May we never forget that prayer guides and empowers our nation and that all things are possible with God."


"As a nation, we rely on God to guide us through this time and raise our country to even greater heights," the US president said during his address, adding, "in every age and in every generation, the prayers of our people and the faith of our families has willed us on to victory."


"Our country has endured a grave hardship - but your faith and prayers are bringing us strength. In every part of our country, we've seen the grace of God through the love of our fellow citizens."

President Trump's message was quite clear in keeping with America's struggle against coronavirus which has already claimed over 75,000 lives and has infected over one million patients impacting jobs and shutting down large cities with New York being the hardest hit due to the virus.

The US recorded a record 20.5 million job losses in April which was the worst since the Great Depression of 1929 as economic activity has come to a virtual halt with the shutdown in place.