WION Traveller S3 Episode 4 - Bir and Billing

Jul 18, 2019, 08:20 PM(IST)
This week our duo are heading toward Bir and Billing—the finest paragliding destination in India. Things, as they say, can only get better from here. While Johan scoots off to Billing for another flight, Meraj keeps his feet on the ground and gets a paragliding lesson from a true legend in the paragliding community, Gurpreet Dhindsa. After a day out in the heat, it is time for our adventurers to visit Shunya Farm, an organic farm located in Bir, where a group of people have gathered for a workshop on organic farming, led by an eclectic couple who have been running the farm for a few years now. With new found insights into the world of farming, our explorers dress up in their Sunday best, and visit a tea factory. At Palampur’s Wah Tea Estate our duo get a table full of different brews, from green tea, to tea infusions, there's nothing quite like high tea to end your day...
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