From no hugs to 150,000 condoms: Here are the details of athlete rulebook for Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo, Japan Published: Feb 09, 2021, 06:36 PM(IST)

The logo of Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Photograph:( Reuters )

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"If you have been to the Games before, we know this experience will be different in a number of ways," the guidebook warns.

Organisers of Tokyo 2020 have unveiled a rulebook for the athletes participating in the virus-postponed summer games. 

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The 33-page rulebook has been launched to ensure a safe Olympics that is set to commence on July 23.  The rulebook warns the players to not socialise, avoid handshakes and not hug, in short, "avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact" — especially for those living in the Olympic Village. 

Their time in Japan will be "minimised to reduce the risk of infection."

According to the guidelines, athletes will be tested for the virus at least once every four days and will be barred from competing if they return a confirmed positive test. They also warned that the athletes could be kicked out of their events if they break strict anti-virus rules.

Organisers told AFP on Tuesday that they still plan to hand out around 150,000 free condoms to athletes, but the new rulebook urges them to "limit your contact with other people as much as possible."

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"If you have been to the Games before, we know this experience will be different in a number of ways," the guidebook warns.

"For all Games participants, there will be some conditions and constraints that will require your flexibility and understanding."

The guidelines for athletes and team officials will be revised once in April and again in July. 

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The guidelines emphasise on virus-testing as they urge the players to get tested within 72 hours of travelling to Japan and again immediately upon arrival.

The rulebook also said that there will be no quarantine for athletes, and they will still be allowed to attend training camps in Japan before the Games begin.

Athletes "must not visit gyms, tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars" and can only go to "official Games venues and limited additional locations".

These athletes will have to wear masks at all times except when they are competing, training, eating, sleeping or outside in open space.

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