Watch: Turkey sees 'mysterious' meteor explosion that made the sky bright green

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Aug 02, 2021, 05:30 PM IST

The video shows a ball of fire plummeting from the sky. Photograph:(Twitter)

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Turkish social media users shared videos of what they called 'a meteor' coming towards the ground resulting in a blast above and changed the sky's colour for a few seconds. 

The residents of Izmir were absolutely taken aback by an explosion in the sky that occurred in Turkey.

It also became brilliant green for a few seconds, according to accounts.

Turkish social media users posted footage of what they described as a "meteor" heading towards the ground, which caused an explosion above and temporarily changed the sky's colour. 

People began to speculate in the comments when a Twitter user by the name of Halil Ibrahim Cakan posted a video of this magical scene.


A ball of fire is seen falling from the sky in the footage.

It erupts into a dazzling brilliance as it hides behind the clouds for a brief period, turning the entire sky green. 

A user named Ehsan Elahi wrote, 'A green #meteor was seen over #Izmir #Turkey. This is not a meteor, just a tiny/demo missile/bomb shot from a satellite. Notice the fire as meteor enters the earth's atmosphere.'


Dr Hasan Ali Dal, a Turkish astronomy professor, did, however, bring the thrill factor down a tad with his assumptions.

He stated that meteors tend to heat up when they approach the earth's atmosphere, according to LADBible.


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