Fruit flies get 'hangry' too, even become 'desperado': Study

WION Web Team
New DelhiUpdated: Jun 05, 2021, 09:08 PM IST


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No flies died during the experiment

In times of the pandemic and Working From Home, we order food not because we are hungry but often because we are bored. But there are times when the work takes better of us and we don't eat on time. And this makes us agitated, takes us on the verge of wanting to destroy the world. But a quick meal and life seems easy again.

The brief angry phase that our hunger causes is termed being 'hangry'.

We get hangry a lot. After all, it's natural for our bodies to protest if well-deserved nourishment is denied. But fruit flies aren't something we can quickly relate to this very human feeling of being hangry.

Turns out the flies get hangry too. Researchers from University of Oxford and University of East Anglia have found this in a study.

To check the 'hangry'ness, the researchers put fruit flies inside vials with some amount of of food.

It was revealed that the flies that didn't have access to food became agitated as the hours went by. They lunged at each other aggressively. They even 'fenced', that is, tried to tackle each other using their front legs. Senior author of the study has been quoted in media reports as saying that hungry fruit flies displayed more 'hostility' towards each other.

That's not all. The hungry flies even showed a 'desperado' effect, that is, they even started fight that they were likely to lose.

As per reports, no flies died during the experiment. The result of the study was published in the journal Animal Behaviour.