Stay home, stay safe -- for a few more months

Written By: Palki Sharma WION
New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Oct 17, 2020, 12:04 AM(IST)

Coronavirus in India Photograph:( AFP )

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Because you can party, only when you're alive...

We cannot discuss the second wave of the coronavirus, or the impending winter horror without mentioning what's happening around us right now.

There's a growing crowd at the market. People are flocking to movie theatres, restaurants and shopping malls. And are arranging house parties. 

Three nights ago, in the Liverpool city centre, these pub goers were partying one last time -- before new restrictions were imposed on the city.

So have they been living in denial? Or are they people suffering from pandemic fatigue?

Will you back the doctors who claim that these party goers do not care about the people dying in the icus?

Or will you consider that these people have had too much? And for too long?

I do not want to vilify these people. But I am not even endorsing violation of social distancing.

We are into the tenth month of 2020. And we have literally spent a whole year keeping ourselves away from people and everything that defined our normal lives -- schools, offices, gyms, coffee shops, travelling, meeting our friends and families.

It wasn't easy. And there seems to be no end in sight. 

There is no vaccine. And there is no relief.

For now, there's only a rising death toll and recurring restrictions.

Social distancing can take a toll on us. Because we are social animals.

We all want our old lives back, and because of that some of us are giving in to our desires. We go shopping, but don't want others to -- because then there will be too much crowd.

We take the elevator once in a while, but we cringe the moment the lift arrives with another person in it.

We want to eat out, but we judge other people who are back at the restaurant tables.

I repeat, I am not endorsing their actions; I am not condemning them either.

I only have a message for them -- Sars-CoV2 is unsparing.

And this is as true as the lockdown fatigue.

We have come so far in keeping ourselves safe. Why not push ourselves a little more, and stay at home and stay safe -- just for some more months.

Because you can party, only when you're alive...

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