A face-off happened, then they left, Rajnath Singh to WION on standoff with China

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: Jun 03, 2020, 06:59 AM IST
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File photo of India-China border. Photograph:(Zee News Network)

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The standoff continues. But both sides are engaged in a dialogue. India and China are looking for a bilateral solution to the border dispute.

China's repeated violations of India's territorial integrity has been going on for almost a month now.

Indian troops are locked in a standoff in Ladakh where the PLA has planted tents and positioned troops on Indian territory with both sides stepping up their defences. The situation is tense and, the Chinese troops are not backing down.

WION spoke to India's defence minister Rajnath Singh and for the first time the minister revealed the specifics on what happened at the border and the extent of the Chinese intrusion.

"According to our information, they used to conduct exercises away from the LAC. They have come closer to the LAC now. What I have been told is that they are 10-12 kilometres away from the LAC towards China. In some areas, their patrolling party have come. We got information that they had come into some areas in the Galwan Valley. A face-off happened. Then they left," India's defence minister said.

"They had placed tents in some areas where they have not placed before," Rajnath Singh added. 

So that's the situation right now as the standoff continues with both sides engaged in dialogue now. India and China are looking for a bilateral solution to the border dispute.

Rajnath Singh spoke to the French defence minister today leading many to speculate if China was discussed because the global community has taken a tough stand against China's military adventurism.


In a statement, US lawmaker Eliot Engel called China a "bully". He strongly urged Beijing to "respect norms and use diplomacy" to resolve the border issues.

Engel heads the powerful panel of lawmakers on foreign affairs in America.

A few days ago, US President Donald Trump had made an offer. He had said the US is willing to "mediate or arbitrate" in this standoff. India has rejected Trump on more occasions than one.

Yet again, India's Defence Minister ruled out the involvement of any third party. He said: "I believe that this issue between India and China is a bilateral one. And now that a dialogue is underway, there is no need to discuss this issue with another country because even China has expressed that this issue should be resolved through the bilateral mechanism. Which is why I have not discussed this with any other country." 

While India is willing to talk, it will not relent. The defence minister told WION that the government won't allow India's pride to be hurt.

A clear signal to Beijing that India will not give up its territory and that the ball is now in China's court.