Kim Kardashian donates $3,000 to mom of four who lost everything to COVID-19

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New DelhiUpdated: Sep 29, 2021, 07:24 PM IST
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Kim Kardashian turned up as an angel in the lives of an Illinois woman who sought help from people via her GoFundMe page after she lost her job and her kid's father due to COVID-19.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian helped a mom of four who was struggling financially since she lost both her job and her husband/kid’s father to COVID-19 in the highly fatal wave recently. 

A woman named Angelia Cantrell reached out to Kim Kardashian in hopes that the reality TV star will help donate some money to her GoFundMe page and help the page reach a wider base. Soon after reaching out to Kim Kardashian, Angelia was surprised that Kim was rather prompt in help and shared her appeal for help on her social media platforms. 

Angelia Cantrell is a single mother of four young children – including a set of triplets – who has been struggling financially since the peak of COVID-19 that has destroyed many lives in the world. 

On the GoFundMe page, Angelia wrote, "Hi, my name is Angelia, and I'm a single mom of 4 children, triplet boys and a 10 year old daughter. Within the last few months, our family has gone through a very difficult time. My husband, and children's father passed away recently, and I lost my job, due to being directly impacted by, COVID-19."

"Throughout this time, unfortunately our bills have fallen behind, after only being able to make the minimum payments," she went on. "I've been to several organizations and no one has funding at this time."

Resident of Illinois, Angelia revealed she went to "several organizations" but that no one had "funding at this time," which prompted her to set up a GoFundMe page on September 15 in order to help her pay "rent, food and monthly bills."

After she set the crowdfunding page, she sent the link to Kim Kardashian who helped boost views to the page and donations. On Kim Kardashian’s help, the woman told Radar, "Words cannot describe how thankful and blessed we feel. The world deserves to know how amazing she is, and how much this donation really helped save our family."

Kim Kardashian West has thus given the woman and her family $3,000.

The woman later posted, "Yesterday, I was blessed with donations that met my goal of what I assumed was exactly what I needed to pay the rent to avoid eviction. Unfortunately, I'm still a little shy of what we need. I'm thankful for what I've already received, and will continue to keep my faith that God will provide. Can't thank my Donors enough."