India beat England by 75 runs, clinch T20I series

Bangalore Updated: Feb 02, 2017, 09:16 AM(IST)

Yuzvendra Chahal took six for 25, best-ever figures for an Indian bowler in a T20I, to scuttle England out for 127. Photograph:( AFP )

India beat England by 75 runs to clinch the T20 series 2-1, handing Virat Kohli his first series win as a captain in this format of the sport.

Put in to bat first at Bengaluru's Chinnaswamy Stadium, India posted a healthy 202, powered by Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

England started the chase strongly but the spin duo of Yuzvendra Chahal and Amit Mishra bamboozled the batsmen to put the match in the bag for India. From a healthy 119 for two, England collapsed like ninepins to end up getting all out for 127.

Chahal, the man of the match, took the best-ever figure for an Indian bowler in a T20I, bettering the previous record held by Ravichandran Ashwin.

India started the match slowly, losing their skipper Kohli in the second over of the match. KL Rahul and Raina flickered for a while before Dhoni joined the latter at the crease. But the fireworks started when Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni turned back the clock to score heaps of runs in the slog overs. India, in the end, managed to plunder 89 runs in the last six overs to post 202, what seemed at the time a par score. 

The English batsmen started strongly, racing away to 55 with the loss of one wicket in the first six overs. But Mishra pulled the game back for India while Chahal spun a web around the opponents. Captain Eoin Morgan and Root fought valiantly but once they fell, the English batsmen had no answer to the guiles of the spinners. Bumrah joined the party as well, scalping quick wickets to wrap up the English innings. 

Chahal was declared the man of the match and the man of the series. He thanked Virat Kohli for backing him and said he had never thought he'd take six wickets in the match.

"I've bowled in the Powerplay before in the IPL. In the start, I plan that batsmen will want to go for their shots because it's a small ground, so I have a chance for wickets. I bowl a fuller length, so I have a chance for lbws if they miss the sweep and reverse-sweep. Never dreamed I'd get six wickets," Chahl said in the post-match talks.

Virat Kohli was effusive in his praise for the old warhorses Dhoni and Yuvraj. He also credited his spinners for wresting the match away from England.

"Mishra's two overs, and that one over from Jordan to Yuvi, that changed the momentum," he said, adding that he has had a "brilliant couple of months with the Indian team", referring to the fact that India beat England in all formats of the game in the last two months.

A dejected Eoin Morgan said the wicket was perfect for batsmen but cited that this was England's "worst batting performance in the last two years."

Following is the over-by-over commentary of the series-decider.

England Innings: 

1st Over: Nehra to begin proceedings. Roy and Billings to open the innings for England. Just 1 off the first over. India makes a strong start.

2nd Over: Chahal to bowl, SIX. Roy whacks him, reverse stroke. All the way over the boundary. Billings OUT, India get their first breakthrough. Bat, pad by Billings and Raina lunges forward at slips to give India their first breakthrough. Joe Root walks in. 

England: 12/1

3rd Over: Nehra to bowl. Roy guides that through leg-side for a boundary. England is determined to keep the momentum, Root thumps that one for a boundary through cover. England making it count here..last ball another boundary by Root.

England: 25/1 

4th Over: Chahal to bowl, Roy hits him for a boundary off the first ball. England have made a strong start here in reply to India's target of 203, can India get another breakthrough? No luck, England squeeze a single off the last ball.

England: 33/1

5th Over: Change in the bowling, Bumrah introduced into the attack. Boundary, straight drive by Roy. England playing intelligent cricket here in the final T20, India seems to be out of ideas at the moment but hanging in there, the crowd is quite. Cut short, another boundary, Roy taking a toll on India. India is just not able to stop the flow of boundaries here. 

England: 43/1

6th Over: Nehra to bowl again, India isn't making any bowling changes unlike England who kept chopping and changing. Virat it seems is out of ideas at the moment. Roy hits another boundary, this is good batting by England. England raise their half-century with just one wicket down. Roy is burning bright. This time it is Root - another boundary. England is firing on all cylinders!

England: 55/1

7th Over: Roy OUT, Mishra strikes! That was a vital wicket, Roy scored a quickfire 32 in 23 balls (4 boundaries and 1 Six), just 3 runs off the over and a wicket.

England: 56/2

8th Over: Pandya to bowl, double bowling change. Will this work? Root hits a SIX, so Pandya gets a taste of some Root magic early on. Root is the man India wants! Morgan on strike now. Dot ball. Single of the last ball.

England: 64/2

9th Over: Mishra to bowl, boundary by Morgan off the first ball. Another boundary, England is scoring at brisk rate, India needs a wicket quickly.

England: 77/2

10th Over: Pandya to start a fresh over. Pandya keeping it tight, Root trying to cut loose and a SIX by Root. Last ball coming up,dot ball.

England: 86/2

England need 117 runs off just 60 balls, India need to hold their nerves, England looking to Joe Root to take them home, can he?

11th Over: Mishra to bowl.He is keeping it tight, just 5 runs off the over. Last ball just a single, good over.

England: 92/2

12th Over: India operating with spinners at both ends, Raina to bowl. SIX, SIX, Captain counterattacking, another one SIX. This over 1,6,6,0(wide), 6, 1. This over has changed things, England is set to charge at India now.

England: 114/2

Virat Kohli has a quick chat with Dhoni...

13th Over: Mishra to bowl, catch dropped by Yuvraj...Big miss for India. Mishra keeps it tight to end the over.

England: 117/2

14th Over: Chahal to bowl now. England looking to cut loose, pressure on spinners now. Chahal strikes, Pant takes the catch, Morgan OUT. The England captain scored 40 off 21 balls( 2 fours, 3 sixes). Joe Root, Double strike by India. This is the turning of the match. Root lbw for 42 off 37 balls(4 boundaries, 2 sixes)

England: 119/4

15th Over: Bumrah strikes! Butler OUT. England 119/5. India is on a victory charge. Moeen Ali and Ben Stokes at the crease. 

England: 123/5

16th Over: India stikes again, Chahal gets another one!  Double stike by India - Ali & Stokes gone! India on a victory march here.. Make that Triple Strike - Jordan OUT. The first five-wicket haul by an Indian spinner, well done Chahal!

England: 127/8

India set to wrap up the match

17th Over: Bumrah to bowl the next over. All out, Bumrah strikes twice, Plunkett gone and Mills gone.

England 127 all out

England win the Toss and elect to bowl first

RR Pant, KL Rahul, V Kohli(Captain), SK Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(Wicket-keeper), HH Pandya, A Mishra, JJ Bumrah, A Nehra, YS Chahal

JJ Roy, SW Billings, JE Root, EJG Morgan(Captain), BA Stokes, JC Buttler(Wicket-keeper), MM Ali, CJ Jordan, LE Plunkett, TS Mills, AU Rashid

Wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant makes his debut for India, it will be interesting to see if he keeps wickets for India in the second session.


Both teams coming out on the field for the national anthem. Now the national anthem of England is playing as the crowd rises..


Indian supporters at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore (AFP)


1st Over: Kohli and KL Rahul to open.Mills to bowl the first over. Kohli on strike, just 2 runs off the first 2 balls. Now, Rahul on strike, India looking to make a cautious start. 2 dot balls by Rahul. Rahul opens his account with a single. Good bowling, Kohli didn't know where that ball went, he scraps a single.

India: 4/0

2nd Over: Kohli run-out off the first ball bowled by Jordan. India 4/1. Raina walks in and takes a quick single. Leg-bye as Rahul scapes another single. England keeping it tight here. Raina to take strike now. Raina plays it third-man and takes a single.

India: 8/1

3rd Over: Mills to continue, Wide ball. India getting runs in singles and wides at the moment. No boundary so far, Raina comes out of the crease to whack the ball but misses it completely. Another single, it is probably sensible batting as the wicket looks slow. India 10/1. Rahul on strike now. Another single as Rahul guides it to third man. Raina to face the last ball. Raina gives it a big thump- SIX, FINALLY!

India: 17/1

4th Over: Liam Plunkett to bowl now. Rahul joins in on the act, two consecutive boundaries by Rahul. India on the way now..Raina tries to go for another one but manages a single only. Another single by Rahul.

India: 29/1

5th Over: Ben Stokes to bowl. India opening up now, Raina lashes at that one but manages just 2 runs. Wide ball. India looking to fire. Raina scores - boundary ball. Wide ball. Stokes looks a bit nervous after that boundary. Dot ball.

India: 39/1

6th Over: Jordan to bowl. Another SIX, Raina this time. India in a good position now to post a 150+ score, if they keep wickets in hand.

India: 53/1

7th Over: Moeen Ali introduced into the attack. Rahul hits the third ball for a big SIX, India motoring now. Single and twos, India being sensible here.

India: 64/1

8th Over: Ben Stokes comes in, so Morgan continues to chop and change his bowlers looking for a breakthrough. And he gets it, Rahul OUT, BOLD. Misses that one completely. Rahul scores 22 off 18 balls with 2 boundaries and a six. Big breakthrough for India. Dhoni walks in and quickly takes a single. Raina takes another single. Last ball stays low and Dhoni fails to connect.

India: 67/2

9th Over: Moeen Ali to continue. India being a bit cautious against him, just 2 runs off the first 5 balls. India steal a single off the last ball.

India: 70/2

10th Over: Leg-spinner Rashid introduced, England decide to attack with spin. Great shot, Raina plays that effortlessly through point - Boundary. Raina playing it cooly and rotating strike, India looking at atleast 160+..Dot of the last ball.


India: 78/2

11th Over: Mooen Ali to continue. Raina takes a single. Dhoni comes out of the crease but manages just a single. India hungry for a few boundaries to keep the momentum, Moeen keeping it very tight. He has been England's stand out bowler in this T20 series. Last ball, no run

India: 84/2

12th Over: Rashid to bowl. Raina takes a single off the second ball. Dhoni hits a big one - SIX, India doing the right thing. They are clearly attacking Rashid and keeping Moeen at bay - good tactics! Another SIX, Raina this time and a single to finish off the over.

India: 99/2

13th Over: Moeen to bowl, SIX. India talking in sixes at the moment and Raina(63 off 43 balls - 5 sixes, 2 fours) leading from the front. Another boundary to finish it off, slipping down through vacant slips by Raina.

India: 113/2

14th Over: Plunkett gets Raina with a slow ball, CAUGHT OUT! Raina 63 off 45 balls(2 fours, 5 sixes). Caught in the deep by captain Morgan. Next man in is Yuvraj. This will be a crucial partnership for India if India keep the momentum they could be looking at 180+ here..

India: 124/3

15th Over: Ben Stokes to bowl. Yuvraj off the mark with a single. Dhoni is the key here, if he gets going he can really help India get a big total in the last 5 overs. Both batsmen talking in singles at the moment. This is sensible batting from India, trying to save their ammunition for the final push. Class shot, Dhoni plays that one through the middle of point for a boundary bisecting two players and takes another single off the last ball.

India: 132/3

16th Over: Mills to bowl. Dhoni slips that one through the leg side for a boundary, single off the next ball. Dhoni seems to have taken it on himself to take India to a competitive score. India looking at a 180+ score, Dhoni can push it beyond 190 if he stays around till the end. Wide ball, that helps India. Dhoni takes a single off the last ball.

India: 142/3

17th Over: Ben Stokes to bowl this over. Straight hit, Dhoni hits a smart boundary to start the over. Dhoni has rocketed to 44 off 27 balls(3 fours, 2 sixes). Dhoni hits a flat boundary, that was nearly a sixer but fell short. India could touch 200 at this rate, single to finish the over. 

India: 153/3

18th Over: Dhoni raises his half-century with a single, his 50 comes off just 32 balls. Yuvraj hits SIX, big one this! Another SIX, Yuvraj joins the party, another one - boundary this time. Yuvraj on a roll. 6,6,4, 6. Another SIX, Yuvraj is hammering Jordan. He takes a single to finish off the over. India score 28 runs off the over.

India: 177/1

19th Over: Yuvraj OUT, Mills gets him. Yuvi just plays it at the last moment, slow ball taken by the Keeper. Well played Yuvi, 27 runs off 10 balls( 1 boundary, 3 sixes). Mills is proving to be a great death bowler once again. Debutant Rishabh Pant walks in, left-hand batsman. Another slower ball, Wide. Pant scores a boundary off the last ball, that was a good one!

India: 186/4

20th Over: Jordan to bowl. Dhoni hits this one for a boundary, power shot! Dhoni OUT, tries a big heave, caught by Rashid. Dhoni scores a brilliant 56 off 36 ball(5 fours, 2 sixes). Pandya first ball - SIX. India's 200 comes up, great going! Last ball Pandya tries a double, run out Pandya.

India: 202/6




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