WION Global Summit: How Taiwan developed digital public infrastructure

WION Web Team
Dubai, UAEUpdated: Mar 25, 2021, 01:12 PM IST


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Taiwan's digital minister said that the idea of creating the digital public infra needs investment

Speaking at WION Global Summit, Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan explained how she worked with the Taiwan government in developing digital public infrastructure. 

"When I first became the digital minister in 2016, there's a very important infrastructure bill being deliberated. I work with the ministry of culture to reclassify that digital public infrastructure, the civic infrastructure online as part of the infrastructure bill,"  Audrey told moderator Ali Aslan, International TV Presenter and Journalist in WION's Global Summit in Dubai

Speaking at the session on "Digital Revolution: The World Goes Online", she also highlighted that the task was "unheard" of as infrastructure is "tangible" and what they hoped to achieve was in the digital domain.

She said when they finally received government funding for implementing the idea, they were able to build digital parks "equivalent" to national parks,  

"But by succeeding in government funding of using photogrammetry, videogrammetry to capture the heritage, cultural sites, we built equivalent of national parks, actually better than that because people can create their own experiences based on those assets," she said. 

She also hoped that the idea of "connected spaces and digital public infrastructure" will gain a lot of attention as it "resonates" with the regulatory infrastructure required to give people more choices.

Audrey added that this will lead to less dependency on the private sector and anti-social websites as part of social platforms. 

However, the digital minister added that the idea needs investment. 

"In order to make civic life worth internationally, we also need investment into digital public infrastructure," Audrey said.