Watch | Tourists walk in the woods with wolves through Spanish mountains

Madrid, SpainEdited By: Srishti Singh SisodiaUpdated: Jul 05, 2022, 07:26 PM IST

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As per the reports, the animals are registered in the Animal Identification Registry of Andalusia 

Spain is a popular tourist spot in Europe as the country has several whimsical modernist landmarks. But what about a stroll through the mountains being guided by wolves. Sounds unique, right? Yes, it is. 

Miguel Angel Gonzalez Carrillo, a man in southern Spain is running this unique tourist attraction, where he is letting tourists walk with the wolves.

As per media reports, Carrillo has raised three litters of wolves. As reported by the UK-based media outlet Independent, he apparently offers small groups the opportunity to walk with the animals in Instincion, which is a municipality in Andalusia's Almeria province. 

The report further mentioned that he also takes his pack of wolves into cities to work with people, who are diagnosed with autism and Alzheimer's disease. 

Watch the video here: 

Euro News reported that the animals are registered in the Animal Identification Registry of Andalusia. 

As quoted by Euro News, the apparent leader of the pack, Gonzalez Carrillo, said, "They are domesticated but their behaviour is also wild. They behave among themselves like a true pack of wolves: the games they play, the way the mother teaches her cubs and all that is part of their instinct." 

The Spanish Inventory of Land Animals states that there are approximately 2,000 Iberian wolves in Spain. 


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