Seatle becomes first major American city to ban plastic straws

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Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jul 02, 2018, 10:12 AM IST

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According to reports, failure to comply may translate into a fine of over $200

In a bid to curb plastic pollution and promote sustainable living, Seatle becomes the first major American city to ban plastic straws.

According to reports, failure to comply may translate into a fine of over $200. 

Back home, Maharashtra government, last month, imposed a ban on single-use plastic across the state.

The state government banned all kinds of plastic bags, irrespective of their thickness, tea cups, glasses, thermocol glasses, thermocol used for decoration, plastic used in hotels to parcel food like boxes, spoons from June 23.

The ban prescribes Rs 5,000 fine for the first-time offenders and Rs 10,000 for the second-time offenders. Those who violate the ban for the third time will face a fine of Rs 25,000, along with a three-month imprisonment, PTI reported. 

Last month, fast food giant McDonald's was also reported to have moved in the direction to ban plastic straws in all its restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

"Reflecting the broader public debate, our customers told us they wanted to see a move on straws," McDonald's was quoted as saying by the BBC. 

As per a report published by an environmental watchdog, WorldWatch, in the year 2015, "Some 299 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013, representing a 4 per cent increase over 2012. Recovery and recycling, however, remain insufficient, and millions of tons of plastics end up in landfills and oceans each year".

"According to the United Nations Environmental Program, between 22 per cent and 43 per cent of the plastic used worldwide is disposed of in landfills, where its resources are wasted, the material takes up valuable space, and it blights communities," the report adds. 

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