Pak finance minister trolled for tweet on depression, netizens doubt his ability to manage economy

IslamabadEdited By: Mukul SharmaUpdated: Dec 10, 2022, 02:39 PM IST
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Pakistan's finance minister Ishaq Dar tweeted citation of a prayer to ward off anxiety and depression. Pakistanis on Twitter wondered if this is the way the minister is going to rescue the country's dire finances. 

The dire state of Pakistan's national finances have been a South Asian constant in the global news cycle. Only this time it's different, it's because of an Islamic prayer to ward off anxiety and depression that Pakistan's finance minister Ishaq Dar tweeted earlier this week. While the minister tweeted citation of a prayer to his followers, many people from Pakistan interpreted it as his way to deal with the prevailing dire federal financial situation in the country. 


Ishaq Dar's tweet did not result in any reactions for or against the actual depression or anxiety-related problems that people face in and beyond Pakistan. In fact, the supposed prayer to ward mental health problems off, stoked people to ask if the minister knew any prayers to ensure that the country doesn't default on the loans it has taken from various countries and multilateral organisations.

"Brother, tell us the prayer to prevent the loan default as well," one user replied. "It surely means that economic situation is out of hand and even the outspoken and self proclaimed experienced Finance Minister is praying to Allah to save him from public backlash amid imminent default threat the country is facing," interpreted another.

"The best thing our finance minister has done for us since returning back from a trip at UK is releasing his own assets from NAB (sic)," joked a third Twitter user, referring to the National Accountability Bureau that can seize illegal assets owned by Pakistani citizens.

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On December 6, Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) called upon the State Bank of Pakistan to take necessary measures against what they called a 'financial emergency' in the country. 

"We still have foreign debt of $130 billion and $73 billion due in three years. Our deficit for next three years is a minimum of $20 billion to $30 billion. Additionally, super inflation is killing the poor. This is a financial emergency," PBF CEO, Ahmad Jawad said in a statement.


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