Burial of headless horse alongside a man creates mystery

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New DelhiUpdated: Feb 03, 2022, 01:01 PM IST
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The headless horse (State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in the Regional Council of Stuttgart) Photograph:(Others)

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The man is being claimed to have been a medieval elite. But why the horse is headless is still somewhat of a mystery

What excavations would reveal of the centuries gone by cannot always be known with the greatest certainty. Though we know a lot about history, a lot needs to be still unravelled.

Researchers have now found skeletal remains of a man buried near a headless horse. The remains have been found in Knittlingen in southern Germany. Researchers think that the man and the horse were buried 1400 years ago when the area was ruled by Merovingian dynasty.

But why the horse is headless is still somewhat of a mystery.

Researchers believe the man was member of local elite.

"He stood in a 'chain of command' with the Merovingian kings on its top, which meant he was obliged to participate in the king's campaigns," Folke Damminger, an archaeologist in charge of research at the site, told Live Science in an email.

Damminger added that "most probably the decapitation [of the horse] was part of the burial ceremony". 
According to him, the man's family members may have wanted him to appear wealthy and this may be the reason why he was buried with a horse.

Another reason that is being put forward is that the horse was buried for the man to have a vehicle in the afterlife.

The head of the horse has not yet been found.